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Hi I'm David. 我名叫煒秋。

I grew up in Hong Kong 我在香港長大

About Me

I am a father of five with a happy family. I love my family. My occupation is a medical doctor with Board specialist certification in three specialties. I had previously worked as a Clinical Professor at the University of California San Diego, and currently a Clinical Professor of the University of Hong Kong. 我是五個孩子的爸爸,和有一個快樂的家庭。我愛我的家人。 我的職業是一個有三個專科資格的醫生。我曾經任職美國加利福尼亞州的臨床教授,而現在是香港大學的臨床教授。

Why I am a Mormon

I was an agnostic before. But fortunately, I was objective enough to do the experiment as promised by the Book of Mormon, Moroni: 103-5. It was 1974, when I studied the Book of Mormon and asked I God if the messages contained in it about the teachings of Jesus Christ is true or not. And God answered my prayer and by the Holy Spirit let me know that the Book of Mormon and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. Therefore I decided to be baptized into His restored true church on Earth at this time. 當初我是不信有神的。僥幸我是能夠客觀地跟隨摩爾門經(摩羅乃書十章3-5節)的應許去作一個實驗。當時是1974年,我研讀摩爾門經後,和求問神書中述及耶穌的教訓是否真實。神答覆了我的禱告。藉着聖靈,祂讓我知道摩爾門經和耶穌基督的福音是真實的。因此我决定受洗加入了主現在已復興在地上的真實教會。

How I live my faith

I try to follow the teaching and work of Jesus as He did on His days, healing the physically sick and emotionally afflicted. 我盡量跟隨主耶穌的教訓和他在世上的事工,盡力去療癒那些身體患病或心靈困苦的人。

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

David. 我名叫煒秋。
The growth of the church can be attribute to outpouring of the Holy Spirit to testify to those who wants to know the truth, that Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith is His prophet and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ's true church on earth. 教會的進步是基於聖靈豐滿地向那些想認識真理的人作見證,耶穌是基督,約瑟斯密是神的一個先知,耶穌基督後期聖徙士教會是基督在地面上真正的教會。 The growth of the church is a result of that we love one another and we follow God's commandment in living our life. 教會的增長是因為我們會彼此相愛,和大家都努力遵守神的誡命。 The growth of the church is because we believe that our family can be together forever. 教會的成長是因為我們相信我們的家庭是可以永恆地在一起。 Show more Show less