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Cathy: College student, Musician, Basketball, Ukulele, Laughing, Missionary, Mormon.

Hi I'm Cathy

About Me

Hey! I'm Cathy. I'm from the great state of Nevada. I'm majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations at BYU-Idaho. I love to sing and play the ukulele! I play basketball and I absolutely love it. It's a thrill to step on the court and be successful. I like to beatbox, too. Laughing is one of my favorite things to do, along with making other people laugh. It's a great feeling. I am currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! I'm doing this because I want to help others find the happiness and peace that I have found from having the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I can honsestly say that I would not be out here on a mission if I didn't know for myself that the things we teach are true. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I am so grateful for what He has done for me. I know God lives and loves me.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? I don't even know where to start. Happiness takes a key role in my life, and being a Mormon is what brings me true happiness. Being Mormon gives me peace in my life, and the knowledge that I will be able to return to live with God and my family again after this life. I am able to pray to my Father in Heaven and receive answers to my prayers. I am able to receive personal revelation from Heavenly Father. Being Mormon has given me a sense of completeness that I literally cannot find anywhere else. I am so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and partake in the blessings that come from being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

Mormons go on missions to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people around the world. I have decided to serve a mission myself. The Gospel has given me so much happiness and hope that I want to share it with everyone I know. I have a testimony (a sure knowledge) that Jesus Christ is my Savior, that He lived and died for me, and He knows exactly how I feel in my times of need. I want to share this knowledge that I have with people so that they can also have the happiness that I have found.

How I live my faith

I am a Family History teacher in my ward. Every Sunday, I teach a class about the purpose of Family History and the different techniques they can use to do it. We talk about its importance and the blessings that we can receive from doing it. We also talk about how doing Family History work is necessary for temple work. Going to the temple is my goal, and it is the goal for members of the Church.Temple work is made possible through Family History work.