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Allen: missionary, organ, technology, social media, bacon, computers, Mormon.

Hi I'm Allen

About Me

I have been called and have accepted the call to serve as a missionary in the California San Fernando Mission. I am so excited to serve the people there and to share with them the joy that I have received from living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but that doesn't mean I'm a Mormon because my parents are. I used to be a Mormon because of the music I have always enjoyed in sacrament meeting, until I started to read the scriptures by myself. I am a Mormon because I believe in God the Eternal Father, His son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. I am a Mormon because I believe that Joseph Smith prayed for an answer and God & Jesus Christ appeared to him telling him that none of the churches (back then) were correct, and that after several years, through the help of the Spirit, created the Church as it is today. I am a Mormon because I believe this is the same Church in the New Testament and the same Church in the Old Testament.

Personal Stories

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

I play the organ, sing in choirs, know a lot about computer equipment, and so on. I use these talents & skills on a regular basis. My musical talents help tremendously during Sacrament meetings, because the singing of hymns help set the tone for these meetings. I often select hymns that tie into a topic chosen by another person, the hymns that I play (& the congregation sings) invites the spirit much more than if there were no music. I use my computer expertise to help in stage productions & webcasts for Stake meetings. Stage productions are a fun way to show the community our beliefs in a not so pushy manner. The webcasts are a relatively new way to have our semi-annual Stake Conferences broadcasted to the outlying church buildings, helping to get more members in attendance for these important meetings and to help lower travel costs.

How I live my faith

I am the only organist in our little singles branch, so I get select the hymns and then play them every Sunday. I am the secretary to our Branch president, so I make some phone calls for him, schedule meetings for him, and other tasks as needed.