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Karly Jade: artist, animation, learning to love, food, illustration, college, Mormon.

Hi I'm Karly Jade

About Me

Hello there, dear friends! I'm a BFA Illustration student. I love cooking (when I can afford more than ramen noodles and oatmeal) AND trying all sorts of ethnic foods (my favorites are Indian and Japanese). I love seeing movies--ESPECIALLY animated films. I like finding new music on YouTube for hours at a time, but I also love getting outside and enjoying the beauty of the earth! I get distracted really easily. I enjoy watching the way people interact. I love talking and listening and reading. I'm the oldest in my family (whom I love) of four kids and a puppy dog. I served in the Washington Federal Way Mission. I have found great joy in spreading the Gospel, meeting wonderful new people, hearing their stories, and hopefully leaving them happier than when we first met.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised Mormon. I was always taught that I am a child of God. I always understood the words "I am a child of God," but I didn't ever have a true testimony of the actual MEANING of that phrase. . . . Until I was on university art trip in a New York Subway in November 2011. It was the early evening, and EVERYONE - really, everyone - was on the train. There wasn't a place on that train that WASN'T occupied by a human body, except maybe the space above us--there was SOME air. Barely enough to live, it seemed. I was tired, too-hot, hungry, and sore. One would think I'd fuss about all those things, but I was actually smiling. Really, REALLY big. A giggle was tickling its way up my throat. I looked around. I was lucidly aware of everyone. I saw a well-dressed man; I saw an old couple; I saw a man that was maybe homeless; I saw a young family; I saw dozens more. All had different stories; All had different worries and joys and sorrows; All were miraculously squished into the same train. I didn't know any of them, but I felt so much love for them-Whom they appeared to be and whom I didn't know they really were. Then it all came together. The Spirit confirmed to my heart that all of those people were God's children. I felt that He was concerned for their well-being, that He knew each of them. He knew that moment would touch my heart. I am a Mormon because I know we are Children of God and he wants us to be happy. His Gospel has brought happiness and order to my life.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

Prayer is how we can speak to God. God wants to answer our questions. However, if all we do is ask for things, talk to Him without listening, or showing that we truly desire an answer, it's A LOT less likely that we will get closer to Him. After all, what good is a relationship with God -- or with ANYONE, for that matter -- if only ONE person does all the talking? God wants me -- and all of us -- to return to Him. The Book of Mormon is one way that God gives us guidance -- a map of sorts. He's the best One to listen to since he has a bird's eye view of our lives. The way that I get closer to God-- the way that I show Him that I am listening -- is by reading His word; His map. The Book of Mormon, much like the Bible, tells stories about families and individuals and the challenges they face and the blessings they receive as they seek to do the will of God. Because these people are human and are therefore imperfect, they make mistakes. But they also have many great triumphs as they desire to do God's will. Since I too am an imperfect being, the Spirit --God's messenger-- can tell me what lessons I can learn from their obedience and apply those things to my life to help me move closer to God. Though I face different trials than those who are in the Book of Mormon, God gives me answers to questions and comfort when I am troubled as I read from it. By reading it and acting on the counsel given, I invite the Spirit into my life. It reminds me to keep the ultimate goal -- God and heaven -- in sight!

How I live my faith

I am really intrigued by human emotion and just people in general. I observe people around me: I see flashes of joy on the faces of people that witness a romping puppy or a child riding a tricycle with all their tiny might. In those moments, I recognize a Divine hand in the lives of each individual. In those moments, I KNOW that there is a Heavenly Father directing each of us into the crosscut of others that we might experience such Happy Details. Because of this knowledge, while I'm out buying Oreos or art supplies or what have you, I try to sense who needs a Happy Detail- a smile; a laugh; a compliment. By doing this simple service, I am able to feel a deeper connection with God and his children around me. I also keep in touch with God as much as I can through prayer, scriptures, and music; I go to church and take the sacrament every Sunday. As I have done this, I have felt the presence of the Holy Ghost more in my life.