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Austin: Star Wars, Music, handsome, Orange Farmer, Piano, good looking, Mormon.

Hi I'm Austin

About Me

Hi im austin! I am a regular college student! I love music, and one of my favorite things to do is get together with a bunch of friends and play! Ive been playing the piano for about ten years now and it still never gets old! I love the spirit that music brings and the blessing it is in my life! I Also am a big Star Wars nut!! ;) When i was little I always dreamed of being a stormtrooper! So finally i wanted to live my dream so i built one in high school, and i use the donations from pictures to help out local charities in out area!

Why I am a Mormon

Because, my prayers were answered. I have found out for myself that god really does care about all of us. It has come through many experiences in my life. Some have been big some have been small but something I have come to know is that god answers every prayer. In his own way and in his time. He has answered mine that this is the church and the lifestyle I need to have.

Personal Stories

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

I believe that Talents are gifts from God, and a part of us having those gift is using them for his purposes. I have a talent with music, specifically in playing the piano. I have noticed every time i try to "show off" or brag about my talent, it usually never gets me anywere. But when i play humble or write music for the good of others or play in church , I am always happier (I usually play better) and I know i am blessed as a better musician becase of it. So really our talents are given to us to share, because its no fun to play the piano alone :)

How I live my faith

I live My faith through music. One great thing about our church is music! In every event there is music music music. I love the opportunity to preform in church or gatherings in general! Music brings a great spirit to any time or place. I am just thankful for the talents i have been given, and that i get to share them.