United Kingdom
Margaret: Mormon.

Hi I'm Margaret

About Me

I am a wife, mother, grandmother and a Registered Nurse. Four children have blessed my life and they are diligently teaching my eleven grandchildren the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is nothing else that could make a Mormon mother happier. I work three days per week in a recovery room. The end goal of my working hours is to have resources to help and have fun with children and grandchildren. My spare time is spent working with Family History. This has become so time consuming that I haven't pursued my other interest which is quilting. I hope to have time for that in the future, but interacting with children and grandchildren is my highest priority right now.   

Why I am a Mormon

Being born to a Mormon family is a gift and blessing for which I have been grateful all of my life. I was taught the gospel early in my life and have never doubted the truthfulness. I have always believed that Joseph Smith had a vision of God and Christ and that he established Christ's church on the earth again. I feel that it is a gift that was given to me to have an unwavering testimony right from the start of my life.  

How I live my faith

"Walking the Talk" has been a goal my whole life. I have tried to lead by this example of not saying one thing and doing another. Consistency in actions and behavior at home, work, church, and play has been a goal. I also strongly believe in family meal time and Family Home Evening. In our home, we have been consistent with these two activities.