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Vanessa: Mormon.

Hi I'm Vanessa

About Me

I grew up all over the country but for the time being reside near Salt Lake City with my 3 girls, 3 dogs and celebrity dog trainer husband! I make a full time living through my blog and helping companies with their social media. As a family we love to go to plays downtown, explore museums, go on many trips to the library and visiting parks. My kids are busy with dance, karate, theatre classes, friends and church. My husband and I LOVE everything about cooking and trying new foods. If you are invited to dinner at our house you are in for a good good meal! We also love animals, we have 3 dogs and 6 chickens and hope to have a hobby farm in the canyon in the near future.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church and baptized at eight years old but have decided to CONTINUE living as a Mormon for many different reasons. For me personally physically it helps me to live my life clean and keeps me in check with taking care of myself by knowing the importance of and living the Word of Wisdom. Being a member of the church has helped me to see the bigger picture, meaning for life and to bring clarity to why I do everything I do...why I am a Mom, a wife, an involved member of my community, etc. Being a Mormon has helped me stay close to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Living in this world, raising children and trying hard to have a strong marriage is very hard. Being a member of this church provides me with insight from God, our prophet and helps me receive personal revelation to take care of everything in my life. It has also helped me love others and show it through the way I treat people and serving them. I am Mormon because I believe in our gospel, I believe in God. I know that he loves me, I know that he knows my name and that he wants me to return to live with him one day. After being sealed in the temple to my husband I know that my family can be together forever after we pass from this Earth.

Personal Stories

What has helped develop greater harmony in your home?

Realizing that I really do set the tone of the home...even when I really don't want to admit or hear that. That as a mother it is my job to create a warm, loving, safe and positive home for my children to grow up in. How important my role is as a daughter of God and raising THREE other daughters of God. That I need help in doing this...I really really do. Talking to God through prayer, staying close to the spirit so I can receive personal revelation and studying talks from our leaders and the scriptures. These save me. And when I mess up...which is daily...that I have repentance and that I can learn and try try again the next day.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through checking in with daily prayer, family prayer, family scripture study and personal scripture study. I live my faith through remembering that being a Mother is partnering with God to bring his very blessed children to this Earth. This helps me to be warm and loving and more patient with them. It has taught me that I have such an important role as their mother and teaching them that they are daughters of God. I live my faith by attending church every Sunday and trying my best to do my calling (my assigned job at church) to plan the Relief Society (women's) activities every month. Mostly I live my faith by repenting, I really do mess up tons and find myself daily in prayer asking for forgiveness and help on how I can do better. I am so glad that I have this line of communication to help me or I would be completely lost!