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Hi I'm Ben Berry

I'm a daydreamer. I'm a forever-student. I'm a self-appointed taste-tester. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Consistently as a kid, my Dad would see me hiding behind a book in my room, and many times he would say something like, "It's one thing to read and know a lot, but it's something else entirely to live it and experience it." Sometimes, I would be punished by going outside to play -- terrible, I know. Something about reading and writing has always fascinated me. I believe reading and writing embrace the spirit of exploration, whether in real or imaginary worlds, and attempts to capture that experience and knowledge, so others can benefit from it, too. I love exploring and figuring things out. I'm so curious about everything. Yet, in many ways, I've been afraid to leave my safe, warm room. But, there's a purpose to this life, and I can't accomplish it by hiding. God has provided many opportunities for me to grow and overcome my fears. My family has moved over 11 times, all around the U.S. We've had countless adventures that brought us closer together. We've met people from all around the world. I've learned to reach out to others, make friends, serve, and allow others to help me, as well. I served a mission for my church, and I learned Spanish. I discovered that I have an affinity to people from around the world. I love learning different languages and cultures. Currently, I'm studying Japanese. Maybe I'll try to learn other languages. Last year, I bought a ticket to China and embarked on my own adventure. There, I found another passion in teaching, sharing, and serving.

Why I am a Mormon

I loved to read stories that would absorb me into a world I felt I could escape to. But, I felt hollow as I would put books down and have to face my real life. I was a miserable kid sometimes. After hearing so long that the Book of Mormon is true, I was curious to know if it really could be. In Junior High, I decided to actually read the Book of Mormon. I loved to read anyway. Why not? I prayed to know the truth of it just like I was taught by my parents. I expected a grand vision like Joseph Smith, but nothing like that came. Every night and morning I prayed, but still no grand vision. As I continued to read and pray, I noticed a curious thing. Just like any great story would, I was captivated by the ones found in the Book of Mormon. But to a greater degree than any other story, the people -- Nephi, Alma, Moroni, etc. -- came to life to me. Their lives, words, and experiences took on a realness to me. Over time, I realized how real these people and their experiences were. It all really happened! These people truly walked this earth. Christ really did come to those people. There was another major thing I noticed. When I had to stop reading and put the book down, the hollowness wasn't there. I felt a fullness or a peace in my heart. I just felt good. It all just felt right. It changed how I faced my life -- optimism and excitement replaced pessimism and dullness. So, I notice a power and truth in the Book of Mormon that isn't present in other things I've read. It also teaches me how I can experience those same miracles in my own life. It points me away from seeking a temporary escape from life. It teaches me how to face life and find joy. It teaches me of the reality and divinity of Christ. It teaches me that I worship a personal and loving Heavenly Father. I can speak with Him in all reality. With the help of His Son, I can return to live with Him in heaven. My testimony has been confirmed by many evidences as I've tried to live by what that book teaches.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith each day at a time. I try to live my faith with my family. That's where I first learned the Gospel, so that's where I try to live it best. I try to live my faith with my friends. Being at work, school, and wherever else I find myself is the same. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is taught in the scriptures in the context of people's everyday lives, so in my life, the Gospel can manifest itself most clearly in my everyday life. It was a reality anciently. I know it is a reality today. Christ instructed in Matthew 10:8, "Freely ye have received, freely give." This teaching has transformed my life. I try to ask myself if I'm freely receiving all God wants to give me. This inspires me to study the scriptures, pray, attend church, go to our temples, and keep the commandments. As I do, I feel closer to God. Then I try to freely share with others the same blessings I'm experiencing. I hope that I can dedicate my life to always being on the pathway of service. After graduating high school, I chose to serve a two-year proselyting mission for my church. Teaching people about Christ's Gospel and serving them was a rich and satisfying experience. Now, I'm praying and working the best I can. I'm studying at a university, so I can contribute more to the life of my family and my community. I try to look for opportunities to help others out and brighten their day -- whoever they may be, of whatever faith or background. I will continue to serve and help the church in whatever way I'm asked. I love to serve because the more you serve someone, the more you learn to love them.

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Ben Berry
I admit that being raised as a Mormon that my first experience with scripture was with the Book of Mormon. How does that affect my view of the Bible? In fact, the Book of Mormon led me to want to read the Bible. (Mormon 7:8-9). I love the Bible! It contains the word of God and is full of inspiration and truth. Everytime I read it, my faith, peace, understanding, and assurance of hope grows. It contains so many relevant lessons even for our day. The four Gospels have taken a particularly special place in my heart these last couple of years. I really want to know my Savior, Jesus Christ. I undertook the task of reading the four Gospels together in some form of chronological order. I wrote notes and impressions about Christ as I read about His life, teachings, experiences, miracles, service, and sacrifice. I felt so close to Christ. I learned so much about who He is and why He is our exemplar: "the way the truth, and the life (John 14:6)." Everything He did can help us as we try to follow the principles He lived and embodied. With the apostle John, I can attest that the Bible was written and compiled by prophets, inspired men, and honest followers of Christ "that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name (John 20:31)." We are so blessed to have the Bible so accessible in our day. It once was a foundation for much of the education in times past. We would do well to continue to study and learn from it now. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Ben Berry
Think about this: God speaks to men in our days. He reveals how we can enjoy peace, joy, and satisfaction in this life and return to live with Him. He has restored the means to receive such blessings. Believing this, we would be very selfish to not share this with everyone. Our efforts to proselyte come from a sincere love for others. We have had our questions answered. We have found peace and healing from repentance and forgiveness. We have the hope that our families can be together forever. We see the suffering and wandering of those around us, and truly, we want to help and share with everyone. We believe all can experience the same blessings and more if they desire it. It is our duty and joy to share what we believe God has given us in our day! Show more Show less