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Hi I'm Alyssa Suzanne

I'm a graduate student studying modern dance. I'm a dog person. I love bacon. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a graduate student studying modern dance. I'm a wife, a future mother, a photographer and blogger. I don't like mondays or seafood. I'm a dog person. I love avocado and bacon. My husband is THE best and I'm crazy for him. Love my family, love this life. And the church is true.

Why I am a Mormon

I still remember the day I was baptized. It was a hot summer day in Texas, and I've never forgotten what a special day it was. I think growing up in the church makes it difficult to determine the time you truly are converted. Its incredibly personal. I believe my testimony truly began to concrete when I was in my mid teens; around 15. I had a few choices for my undergraduate educations and felt very strongly that it would be beneficial to pursue an education from one of the BYU campuses. At the time, other universities seemed to be more attractive educationally and extracurricularly, but I kept feeling this insisting impression that I should give one of the church schools at least one semester. So I did. In hind sight, I can't imagine my life turning out better and its all due to the experiences I was blessed with at BYU Idaho. I was able to refine myself as a person, but I was especially able to build a testimony firmer than I ever could have imagined. While at BYU Idaho, I began training in dance, and eventually became involved in the touring dance company. I was able to tour throughout the United States, Eastern and Western Canada, and Russia. I feel some of the greatest blessings in my life are rooted in my experiences in the dance department. I had some truly life changing experiences and was able to be accepted into a phenomenal graduate school. I made great friends, and met my husband on through the touring program. To be able to share memories of being on tour and on campus in our undergraduate education has been super fun, and I'm grateful to have found someone who not only respects my ambition, but understands it as well. Having faith in my heavenly father and and in his timetable has really been a cornerstone to my testimony and why I believe what I do. I love my life. So much. The end.

How I live my faith

By action. I have to act to experience refinement, and in order to show my dedication to the gospel. I teach a gospel doctrine class during sunday school, and its been a huge learning experience for me. Being an active member of the church means continuously opening yourself up to learning experiences. My husband and I are also temple preparation teachers, and we've had countless experiences and blessings that have refined us as members of the church. I also think that in order to live faith you have to be an example. There's a quote I've heard alot in the church: "Share the Gospel. If necessary, use words." I believe that. I believe that the best way we can live our faith is by having integrity and always doing our best. You never know who is watching, and I've learned through experience that practice makes perfect.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Alyssa Suzanne
This life is so full. There's jobs, there's education, and there are a lot of friends. But family- family is bigger than that. The family is central to what we believe in this church. We believe that we can be together forever, and that this life is about loving, serving and learning from each other. Family can be frustrating, and there are countless disagreements. Families aren't perfect. But they have the potential to be the source of our greatest happiness. I have a close friend who has a difficult relationship with her family. Something that is of great comfort to her is the fact that we've been blessed with the opportunity to create our own families. We can't control the condition of our birth, but we CAN choose each day to make our families stronger. Show more Show less