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Hi I'm Isaac

I'm from Guam. I love to see people smile from their heart and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am a husband to a very loving wife. We have a brand new baby boy. I am a college student planning for Med school. I am a Audio Technician (some people say DJ) for the Polynesian Cultural Center part time. I love sports. I've been playing basketball for the longest amount of time, but recently grew a love for soccer as well. I love surfing even though I'm a beginner and have a great passion for languages and cultures.

Why I am a Mormon

At age 16 I reached the peak of my rebellion and my mom sent me to live with my father in Guam. At that age it was hard for me to see the big picture and I was miserable. It wasn't until the plane took off toward Guam that I actually realized that I did something that would merit being sent away to Guam. It was then that I realized that I needed to change something. Slowly, I inwardly decided that I would try to live what I had been taught my whole life - the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I began to read my Book of Mormon every night before bed and no matter how late it got, I would always pray. I started attending church which has turned into the greatest blessing for me. I met new people and made friendships that will last forever, of which the most important friendship I made was with my Savior Jesus Christ. I learned that every fault and all things that are unfair, can be made right through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I grew in faith. I grew in love for my Heavenly Father and His plan of happiness for us His children upon the earth. Most of all I grew in happiness. As I began to step into the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I could look back and see the horrifying darkness of misery and self-deceit. And what made that difference for me? Prayer, the Book of Mormon, and weekly church attendance. These are my three pillars of happiness. If I ever feel any misery of any kind in my busy life I look to God and to His Son Jesus Christ and communicate with them using these three exalting pillars. My faith and testimony are that God lives and guides us to happiness. I know God loves us and evidence is in His Son's redeeming atonement. Christ died for us, but more importantly rose again to speak peace to the troubled minded and to bind up the broken hearts. In this way He is my physician. I know and testify that Joseph Smith saw our Father and His Son in a sacred grove. The Book of Mormon is true and I learn of God and Christ through reading this sacred text.

How I live my faith

I am a leader of a group of 59 men and help to organize visits to every family in our congregation. We have planned service projects and group activities to help bring unity and love to our men's group. Our goal is to become more Christ-like together with faith that this will make a difference in our homes, communities, and ultimately the world. Peace and unity is needed so badly in this world that if we can achieve this in a small way, with a small group, then the lessons we learn in doing so can then be applied to a larger group and eventually the world. My faith is lived in my daily prayer, daily study of the Book of Mormon, daily family prayer and scripture study, daily expressing love to my wife, weekly church attendance, weekly leading and teaching my group of 59 brothers, weekly family home evenings, weekly attending the temple, monthly fasting and paying tithing.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

I need my Savior, because without Him I have no hope and in Him I have all hope. Christ is as the glimmer of light from a lighthouse, that offers direction, comfort, and hope to all of us as we are sailing on the stormy seas of life. Many of us in the world get caught up in the dark blackness, the massive, intense tempest, and the great storms that seem to beat down upon us relentlessly, but amidst the seas of uncertainty in our lives we can be certain of one thing, that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Chosen one who was sent to suffer for our sins that we might not suffer, if we would but repent. We can be certain that His light will never dim. It is His light that enables our actions with faith and fills our vision with hope. Now there are times that I too get caught up in all the troubles of the world but this I testify, that God never forgets us and will never leave us so long as there is one man, or woman, or child to save upon the face of the earth. God has sent His Son. Christ lives to heal the aching soul. His arms and light will ever stretch out toward us, and in this invitation we can take hope. If we would stop and think everyday how this light is reaching us, we will begin to see the Hand of God stretching throughout our lives in good and wholesome ways. We will be happy. We will become more gentle, patient, loving, humble, and forgiving. For these are the fruits of the light and hope of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Show more Show less