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Hi I'm Marquez

I am a builder, a movie/music guru, an artist, a rider, a family man, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband and a father of two children. I recently graduated from college earning a bachelor degree in construction management. I work as a field engineer for a heavy commercial contractor in Arizona. My passion is in building massive structures, seeing things come together from nothing but just a set of drawings. I always try to take advantage of my surroundings by exploring through hiking and climbing. I feel connected with life being outside in the wild. I feel it is great way to cope with stress, especially running. One of my biggest interests is motorcycling. If it has two wheels and a motor, I'm there. There’s something about riding on the road with the wind breezing through your body and feeling the turns that keeps me hooked. Growing up as a child my parents learned that I have an Attention Deficit Disorder as well as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This was hard for me to get through elementary school. I would have a hard time concentrating in school and sometimes would be off the walls crazy. Often other kids would tease me and I was labeled as not smart and lazy. Through the years of growing up as a teenager I learned to harness that into productivity. I found out how much I love to draw and create things with my hands. With that I am a natural artist and have developed a deep appreciation for the art,music, and film around me as well as writing and acting. I have been given a great asset through what would appear as a hindrance.

Why I am a Mormon

My beliefs were tested when I was fifteen years old. My mom was diagnosed with cancer and within a couple of months passed away. I was pulled out of class and my best friend’s mother picked me up to go to the hospital. It was very difficult to press on. Life for me came to a sudden halt. I then remembered what was taught in Sunday school about the Resurrection and the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how we are able to be together forever with our entire family through Temple ordinances. My parents were sealed in the Los Angeles Temple when they got married. I then thought about my life from that point on. It was like a fork in the road. One path would lead to anger and hatred where I could curse the world and live in complete bitterness. Whereas the other path would lead to understanding God’s plan; the bigger picture. Gratefully, I chose the better road. My life has been filled with color and wonder. I have gone on to do great things and have grown closer to my Heavenly Father. Since my personal conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Restored Church I have served to the best of my ability to building the Kingdom here on earth. Being a Mormon, I have set my dreams and goals high. I expect the best and most wholesome activities, books, and anything of good report. There is so much more to life with humor and adventure. With my own family I brace the moments we are together and strive to always be a good man for them. I have grown to understand just how important every single one of us is to Heavenly Father who is our Creator. This makes me feel so compassionate to helping those in need or even befriending someone. I love to make people smile or even to just say “HELLO.” I have promised myself to live my life to the best I know how by keeping the commandments and having God apart of our family and life so that one day we can be together forever.

How I live my faith

I have learned that you can solve any problem you have through helping others with theirs. I have volunteered for the community making blankets, toys, and first aid kits to be sent to third world countries. I have served as a teacher, a nursery assistant, an activities coordinator, and planning social events for church. I have helped people with their genealogy; I have worked with the young men helping them to reach their goals and excel in school and in life. Some of the greatest moments in serving the Lord was when I volunteered as a temple worker. Being inside the temple seeing others make sacred promises to the Lord and being sealed as a couple was incredible. To witness those precious moments made it such a privilege and made me forget about the problems going on in my life. Another moment in serving would be when I was called to be a missionary. My assignment was in Uruguay, South America. As a missionary we had many challenges in learning the language, getting used to the surroundings, and sometimes being away from home . On top of that I was out of my shell speaking to random people in their homes and in the streets. The rewards however were far greater. I saw the people of Uruguay as industrious and kind. I learned to love them and my desire to serve them and help them to know about Jesus Christ grew so much more. There was one time where I shouted to someone in a corn field to come over where we were to hear our message. The people who listened to our message accepted to change their lives for the better. We saw that they were happier and wanted to live a Christ centered life. The families were more united and there was love in their home.