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Hi I'm Jena.

I am a service enthusiast studying nonprofits, youth/singing fan, exercise advocate, and vegetable costume owner. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a college student who loves life. I am the youngest of seven-kids and spent eighteen months on a mission for Jesus Christ in Japan. I love my family, and I truly love being a Mormon. I hope you feel God's love for you on this site today. :) I enjoy cooking, uplifting activities, and serving. I love joy! I've been a youth counselor for two summers and I love being with the youth. I love laughing and making friends, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love people! My favorite color changes probably as often as the weather. I like reading, writing, laughing, and words. I love to sing and appreciate the beautiful world we live in! Truly, this is a beautiful life. "If there is anything virtuous, lovely, of good report or praiseworthy"... this is what I seek!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know this is where God's love, plan, and blessings for His children can be realized in full. I know personally that this is God's truth restored on the Earth. I know we are children of a loving God, and that this is the church of Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because I love Jesus Christ. He is my best friend and Savior, and it is through Him that I know I can return to live again with my Heavenly Father. The truth truly is a message of joy--real, vibrant joy. This joy is more than just a happy feeling, it is a feeling of comfort, confidence, and peace. It feels like home. I am a Mormon for what it makes out of me. I know that I am one girl out of millions, but that I am His one girl out of millions. We are all children of God. I know that (even as I try) I am not perfect and I make mistakes, but through Jesus Christ I know I am made clean. I am a Mormon because I have lived the things I learn and see what they do to me. I have read the Book of Mormon and tried the teachings of the Savior from that book. I have studied and as I have lived, it continues to grow in my soul--like a vibrant light that doesn't cease. As I continue to live and study, it continues to grow! I am a Mormon because it changes me. It changes what I would be without knowing my loving God--lost, alone, and afraid. It fills me with confidence, peace, and direction. I come to know Jesus Christ through living like Him. I know the purpose in my life--where I am going, where I came from, and that I am a daughter of God. I am a Mormon because I want to be with my family forever--the siblings and parents I love, and also the family I hope to have in the future. I cannot imagine eternity without the ones I love. I know I can have direction, peace, and an assurance that I can live my family beyond this life. I know that the Savior Jesus Christ atoned for my sins, and I only want to be a better servant of Him. I am a Mormon. :)

How I live my faith

I live my faith with joy. I want my faith to permeate every aspect of my life. Every day I try to fulfill the Savior's mandate to "Feed my sheep" a little more. I visit women in my ward through a program called Visiting Teaching--it is where the women of the church go two by two to visit and give an uplifting message to women in their church area. It is so great to check up on people and share the Savior's love. I live my faith by trying my best to hold to the principles I have found to be true--I live my life in a different way from the college world because I want to glorify God. I love the scripture in Matthew 5:16-- "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." This is why I do what I do and live how I live--I want to bring Heavenly Father joy, and this brings me so much joy. :) I live my faith by preparing to report for a mission call I just received to Japan. I prepare and pray and try to love others more. I live my faith by striving every day, throughout the day, to be more like the Savior.

Who founded Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

God founded this Church, through a chosen prophet named Joseph Smith. Because Heavenly Father loves us, He brought back the same Church given anciently for these "latter-days," or the time we live in now. This is Jesus Christ's Church on the earth, and through following Jesus Christ we can return to live with God. Isn't that amazing? Just like He had done in ancient times, God chose a prophet and gave him authority (called the priesthood) to restore, or bring back, that Church again for our day. And we still have a living Prophet today, who gets guidance from God and holds that authority to help us return and live with God again. I am so grateful to know of this truth. If you have questions, please talk to missionaries! They are wonderful and want to help others come to know Jesus Christ through His Church. Show more Show less

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

We come to know Heavenly Father through spending time with Him. Just like when you meet someone, you talk to them. We talk to our Heavenly Father in prayer. Like a friend answers back, we feel his answers inside and read His words in scriptures. Just as you might meet a friend at a time and place you set, we spend time at a house of Heavenly Father's when we go to Church. We read letters that He gives us through His messengers named prophets in books called scriptures. As we converse with our loving Father and read what He wrote for us, we begin to feel that He loves us and wants us to be happy. When we know that He lives and loves us through feeling Him close to us inside, we want to live the lives He would want us to live. He sent us a perfect example named Jesus Christ, His true Son. Jesus Christ did what God would do if He were physically on the earth. We know what kind of person God is as we learn what kind of person Jesus Christ is. As we live the life Heavenly Father would like us to by following Jesus Christ, we feel God's happiness and approval and come to know that He loves us, knows us, and is happy when we do what is right. Show more Show less