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Hi I'm Dallin

I grew up in Idaho. I love being with my family, playing sports, and going new places. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love going places. I love to travel and see the world. I have quite a big family and we always do things together. We love being together and they are definitely the most important thing to me. I'm currently going to college and study business. I really enjoy playing and watching sports, however, my team never wins in the end that I'm pulling for. If you want a team to ultimately lose, or take a close second, than have me be a fan. I love the adventure and excitement of life and will look forward to starting a family of my own.   

Why I am a Mormon

Well, in our faith we encourage all to find out for themselves if this is true or not. It's up to everyone if they want to follow it or not. For me, I grew up in the church. I appreciated my parents example and who they were. They knew it to be true. It always made me happy, so I already loved it, but I still needed to know. When I was twelve years old, which is quite young to be so concerned with striving to know God and His plan for us, I knelt in prayer to ask if The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the true church. I waited patiently for a response. The answer didn't come until a little while later as I was thinking about it in bed. I was looking up at my ceiling and thought that it had to be true. At that moment I knew. I felt the Holy Ghost testify so powerfully within me - it was so sweet. There is no doubt in my mind that it is true. I continue to live by it's teachings and the happiness that comes is undeniable. I have seen this work in everybody's life that has applied it. If someone wants to know than ask God - He knows and he will tell anyone who is sincere.  

How I live my faith

The purpose of life is to be happy. That's what it is all about. So my faith teaches what it takes to be truly happy and I am, and continue to be more so each day. That includes daily prayers to God, it's nice to stay close to Him. It means reading the scriptures like the Bible or the Book of Mormon which gives my life direction like a compass or something. It means having fun with your family and friends, trying to do well in school, staying healthy, just trying to live a complete life. It also means avoiding things that will bring shame or guilt, or what we call sin. We care for others and try to help when we can. I visit people in our local church to see how they are doing and share a message that will uplift them. At church right now I am responsible that the Sunday School teachers are there and ready to teach the class. I help teach them how to teach. You just try to follow the example of Jesus Christ so you and others will be happy. 

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Ok, what makes us different? Why do we need this church when there are so many other good Christian churches? These are all really good questions. When Jesus Christ was on the earth he set up a church. He called twelve apostles like Peter, James, and John. They went forth to declare the good news to the people of the earth. However, one by one they were persecuted and killed. They were the foundation of the church - Ephesians chapter 2 verse 20. The apostles were not replaced and the church did not have the direction from them anymore. The good Christians that were still around still practiced and worshiped, but eventually over time simple truths of the Gospel were lost, such as who God is, how to baptize, and about eternal families and the priesthood. The church went forward, but became more corrupt to the point that many inspired reformers like John Wycliffe and Martin Luther wanted change. They saw that the church had strayed from the time of Christ. What was needed however, was a restoration. This means to bring something back to it's original form. Besides truth, that was missing, was authority. When the apostles died, the authority that Christ gave them went with them. The Christians after their death, though good intentioned, did not have the authority to act in the name of God which we call the priesthood. The time was then right for a young man named Joseph Smith to come forth and be the Lord's prophet in whom he would "restore" the truths that were lost and the authority to baptize and to perform other essential ordinances to live with God again. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the restored church of Jesus Christ. It is the same one he set up, that was lost when the apostles died.  Show more Show less