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Hi I'm Jimmy

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 25 years old and I am currently studying Information Technology in school. I'm single and enjoy pretty much most every stereotype a college student my age does. I'm an Eagle Scout who still enjoys doing outdoorsy things like rock climbing.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family who has been in the church for a long time, some as far back as the days of the Prophet Joseph Smith. As a youth, I went to church because that's what my family did. Church was pretty cool because my friends were there and we did fun stuff together. I tried to read my scriptures and gain a testimony as a youth, but it never really grabbed me. Largely I just didn't want to let my parents down because I know they loved and had a testimony of the church. When I followed the commandments I noticed a difference between my life and those around me who were doing other things. At that point, my testimony of the church was purely evidenced based, I saw the blessings that came from following the gospel so I did it without a real testimony behind it. It wasn't until my first Sunday in college when I woke up and realized I had no one to encourage me to go to church. Being a Mormon was no longer about my parents, it became about me and if this church was really going to be apart of me. I woke up that day and went to church and became committed to finding out for myself if I wanted to be a Mormon. I started fervent study of the scriptures and felt my testimony growing. A few spiritual experiences later that testified of the inspiration of church programs and I was committed to my church, not just my parents church. I read the Book of Mormon, and prayed to know for myself if it was true. I received an overwhelming confirmation that it was, and that the Prophet who translated it was truly a prophet of God. From that point, the gospel of Jesus Christ became apart of me and my life.

How I live my faith

Being a student I attend a single adult ward where I serve as an Family Home Evening Leader. This gives me the opportunity to help coordinate weekly meetings with the people who live around me since we don't have families of our own. It's a great opportunity to meet my neighbors and help facilitate a spiritual experience weekly outside of church. In addition to my opportunities to serve within the church, I try my best to do the things necessary to give my testimony strong, like reading my scriptures and saying prayers. These seem like pretty simple things that get repeated by people without thinking. But I know from personal experience that reading the scriptures, specifically the Book of Mormon brings me closer to my Savior. When I'm diligent in reading my scriptures, that closeness to Jesus Christ helps me to make better decisions in my week and follow the commandments. Prayer is similarly crucial to my faith, because despite not hearing a voice communicate with me in my prayers I know my Heavenly Father hears and responds to me through the fruits of the spirit. When I say fruits of the spirit I mean the feelings described in Galatians chapter 5 verse 22. Through this communication I know my Heavenly Father is real and he can guide me to make decisions in my life. With regular scripture study, prayers, and church attendance I am able to live the precepts of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

I love the Bible and absolutely believe that reading the Bible will inspire us to be better people grow closer to our Savior. The Restoration of the Gospel did not come to negate truth that came before it, rather to add to the truth which God has already shared with all of his Children including in the bible. The Restoration was necessary because we believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ as constructed after his death fell away from all the truths that he established in his ministry. As we've seen throughout the history of the Bible when God's church falls away from the gospel he calls a new prophet to re-establish his gospel on the earth today. As God has done in the past we believe he called a humble child in Joseph Smith to be his prophet on the earth and restore the things that had been lost since Christ's ministry. Show more Show less