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Hi I'm Carlie

I am a college student. I am a wife that loves to camp, cook, & read. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a 22 year old college student just trying to finish this semester because then I'm graduating! Hallelujah! I got married when I was 19 (young...I know), but why wait to be sealed to your best friend for time and all eternity?? Best decision of my life =) I love to read and cook (you should check out my blog) and if I had my way I would spend all day doing one or the other of those things...with a nap in between of course. I also love camping. My favorite is the cold morning air in the woods =)

Why I am a Mormon

Some people might think I am Mormon because I was raised in the church. I have lived away from home now though for 5 years and could easily make the decision to stop going to church. It would be an easier life for sure...so why do I choose to continue to live the gospel? ...Because I know it's true and it makes me so happy. The example I can relate this too is why do you brush your teeth? It's tedious and annoying, but you know that it's good for you and if you don't do it then you'll get cavities or bad breath or just be gross. So you brush your teeth because you KNOW what it's like if you don't and you know the blessings that come from doing it. I have experienced many years without the gospel in my life and I'll tell you that it was like having 10 cavities compared to my life now. The gospel is like the mouth of someone who brushes there teeth and flosses and uses mouthwash everyday...strong, clean, healthy, beautiful. (Weird example I know, but it works right??) I cannot doubt that the spirit has testified to me of the truthfulness of the gospel. I prayed for myself and asked God...and he answered my prayer. He continues to answer my prayers and it strengthens my faith in Him and His church. If I ever stopped going to church, it wouldn't be because I didn't know it was true...it would just be that I gave up.

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday. I wake up in the morning and say my prayers. Then I read scriptures while I eat breakfast. Then I say a morning prayer with my husband. At work, during my spare time, I read conference talks from leaders of the church. Then throughout the day I try to serve those around me as Christ would. I smile at people who look like they are having a bad day and say thank you for the small things they do for me. I come home and end my day with reading scriptures with my husband. Then I say my nightly prayers by myself and then again with my husband. On Monday nights we have Family Home Evenings, where we discuss as a family a particular topic of the gospel in depth and apply it to our lives, along with play games, and sing church hymns. On Sundays, I attend church (yes for 3 hours...and I love every minute of it!) where I teach the 16 and 17 year olds about gospel principles. Seeing as I'm pretty much their same age, I really am just hanging out with friends talking eternal truths. What could be better? This may seem like a big time commitment, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...and it is. That's why you have to wonder why millions of people would dedicate so much time and money to something if they weren't 100% sure it's true. Like I said before, it would be easy to sleep in on Sundays. It would be easy to keep to myself at school and work and ignore others. It would be easy to not pay tithing (10% of my income) to the church. That's why I had to know for myself that it is true...and I know. That's why I now love serving others, I love paying my tithing, I love reaching out to those around me. I am so happy.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

To be happy of course. Our loving Father in heaven wants us to be happy...that's why we have to come to earth to make choices and learn and grow. He wants us to be able to become like Him one day. It's just like a loving parent, wouldn't their ultimate desire be to have their children be safe and happy? Wouldn't they do all they could to have them succeed and reach their full potential? ...Well magnify that by infinity and that's how our Heavenly Father feels about us. I can't even fathom it the love He has for me. One day, when I see Him again, I will understand. Show more Show less