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Cordell Vail: Cordell Vail, Eugene C Vail, BYU, Vietnam, Finland, Gig Harbor Wa, Mormon.

Hi I'm Cordell Vail

About Me

I grew up in Utah but left there when I was 19 to go on a full time Mission for the Mormon Church. I went to Finland. I so grew to love the Finnish people. I have had the chance to go back there two times now and I am still amazed that there were people there who remembered me after all these years and they were amazed that I can still speak Finnish... well somewhat. I hope to go back to Finland again someday as a temple missionary. I started college but I got drafted in my senior year. I got married and then went right into the Army. I went to Fort Bliss for Basic Training then to Ft. Dix New Jersey for Advanced Infantry Training, then to OCS at Ft. Benning Georgia. I became an officer and went to Vietnam. I served in the 25th Infantry Division at Cui Chi . I was in the 27th infantry company as a platoon leader. I had many spiritual experiences while there that saved my life and the lives of all my men. I have written a book about my experiences in Vietnam called, “Divine Intervention On The Battle Field”. It is on my web page for others to read. My wife and I have worked with the deaf for many years and I have create a free web page to help deaf people find work. We love working with the deaf and hope to have an impact for good in their lives. We have 6 kids. We live in the the Seattle, WA area and have many wonderful friends just like we did in Utah, Georgia and North Carolina. There are wonderful people no matter where you live. Friends are worth more than gold.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was a teen I went to every church I could find including non-Christen churches. The more I searched the more I realized what I already had. Without a living prophet in the church as in ancient days, the people in the other churches seemed to all be in confusion. I was amazed when I would ask a minister of one religion a question then go to another minister of the same religion and get a totally different answer. I have encouraged my children to go to other churches as well. You can only appreciate what you have when you have something to compare it to. I found wonderful people in every church I went to, but I did not find what I was looking for anywhere but in the Mormon Church.

Personal Stories

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

This is from my book on Vietnam "In Harms Way: Divine Intervention On The battle Field" Chapter 5 ALMOST KILLED BY FRIENDLY FIRE--- My company commander ordered us over the radio to move forward.At that very moment I had a very clear impression, in my mind, to stop. I knew that if we stopped I could be court marshaled. The company commander had just ordered me to run not walk and all my men heard the order as it was given. However I recognized the source of that impression. It was not a loud voice. It was just an impression in my mind instructing me to stop my platoon. Following the impression I immediately gave the signal to all my men to hit the dirt. Having been with me for a few weeks already I can assure you that when I told them to get down they had learned to get down no matter what they heard on their radios from the company commander. We all hit the dirt. Then we heard the loud booming sound of artillery from our own fire base behind us. We all knew that sound very well. It was our own men firing155 artillery from the Jackson fire base. Within seconds the rice patty, about 100 feet in front of us, went up in a brilliant plumb of white phosphorus smoke and fire. If we had kept jogging ahead as ordered we would have been exactly at the location of the marker round when it went off. Because we stopped when we did, all of the white phosphorus went up into the air and came down about 20 or 30 feet in front of us. No one was hurt. Hearing our orders we stood up ready to start moving again. All my men stared at me. My platoon sergeant came walking over to me and asked, “Lt. Vail, how did you know that?” I replied, “God told me.” He then smiled and said, “Well keep it up.” I knew what he meant and I knew that all my men felt the same way. We started moving out with gratitude in our hearts. No more was said about it but everyone knew that only by the grace of God and the ‘impression’ that He sent to us by way of the Holy Spirit, we were all still alive.

How I live my faith

I have found that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has brought many blessings to me. Especially to my family. I have been so grateful for the support of the Mormon Church in raising my family. The principles of faith, prayer, and obeying God’s commandments that I have come to better understand by being a Mormon has been a blessing to me as a Father, Husband and Friend to others. Christ said, “If you love me, keep my commandments”. As a family we have tried with all our hearts to do that.