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Hi I'm John

I've been raised in the church and have seen its positive influence throughout my life.

About Me

I grew up without having a lot of strong LDS influence around me whether in school or among my friends. I also didn't have any siblings that I could lean on because my nearest siblings on either side were 5 years away from me. My parents were strong in the church though and that allowed me to receive a strong upbringing in the gospel principles. This upbringing allowed me to maintain my morals and beliefs amidst the usual trials of drugs and drinking etc that go on in school. It also helped me to find good friends who were not LDS but respected me and were willing to change their behaviors to accommodate my beliefs such as not swearing around me etc. After my mission, I met my wife who also had a very strong LDS upbringing, and received my Masters degree. We started our family with the goal of passing along the same strong upbringing we had to our children. We now have 3 wonderful children who are truly a blessing in our lives.

Why I am a Mormon

Because of my strong upbringing, I have never really contemplated the idea of leaving the church or not following gospel principles. These principles have always blessed me throughout my life. I have always struggled to understand why people disagree with the church when there isn't anything bad about the church. Sure there are commandments which non-LDS people may find strict but if you look at the blessings that flow from obeying those commandments it is easy to understand why they exist. On my mission I encountered the usual anti-mormons here and there and it wasn't always easy to figure out how to communicate with them but now that I am older (and hopefully wiser), I have come to gain a stronger level of comfort and confidence in my beliefs. If I were to encounter a person today that was anti-mormon, I would simply ask "what has the church done that is bad?". I would then follow that up with a list of all the good things the church has done such as conducting massive humanitarian efforts, creating the perpetual education fund, teaching strong health ethics (no smoking, drinking or drugs), defending the sanctity of marriage, etc. Being the objective person that I am, I feel that if someone were to simply weigh the pros and cons of the LDS church, they would quickly realize the good FAR outweighs any perceived negatives in the church and those few negatives are usually a matter of misunderstandings which can be remedied through a simple explanation or discussion with the missionaries or a member of the church. I am extremely grateful for the church and what it has done for me in my life. It truly is a lifestyle that I strongly believe will allow me to be with my family throughout eternity. What a wonderful feeling this is in my life and it gives me an incredible strength to get through obstacles or setbacks by allowing me to keep them in perspective and know that it is all part of our Heavenly Father's plan for us. I truly love the gospel!

How I live my faith

I would define my life as one of a constant and steady course. I can certainly relate more to the tortoise than to the hare when it comes to gaining a testimony of the gospel. I try not to flaunt the church on my sleeve but people still figure out pretty quickly that I am LDS. I do try to be very involved in the church and in the community and have held many callings in the church including teaching kids ages 3-12, youth ages 12-18, and holding leadership positions where I have had stewardship over various groups of adults. Regardless of my responsibilities, I have always tried to do the right thing and to be honest in my dealings with fellow members of the church and any others I come into contact with. One philosophy I have always held is that you should never burn bridges. My extensive consulting background has reconfirmed the importance of that philosophy over and over again. I have also had opportunities to serve on city councils, community committies, Little League boards, etc. and have really enjoyed those experiences because they have allowed me the opportunity to apply my ideals and beliefs to be successful. The gospel is quite simple when taken step by step and applied regularly to one's life. That is how I feel my life has been...one steady course. I have had many wonderful experiences in life and also many learning experiences but I cherish them all because they have made me what I am today and I am grateful for that.

What do Mormons believe about family?

The family is truly the core foundation of the gospel. Without family, life would eventually cease to exist. The family consists of not only our direct family, but also our ancestors. Ultimately the entire world is related to each other if you go back to Adam & Eve. This can make one realize the importance of being kind to everyone in the world as we are essentially all brothers and sisters. If we all had that philosophy and belief, imagine what an incredible world we would live in and how many problems would disappear! I believe the family allows us to have a responsibility in life that we must never shirk because our family can be an eternal unit that exists even after this life. With that kind of perspective, one realizes how truly important the family is and it gives one a greater incentive for keeping the family together. One of my favorite LDS hymns is "Love At Home". It really conveys the true significance and beauty of the family. I love my family and look forward to being with them forever! Show more Show less