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Hi I'm Lum Ang

I’m Cambodian. I'm a medical doctor and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

An enthusiastic person who knows how to motivate people to work effectively. Experienced in training and working with the leaders. Am able to work well and influence people. A fast learner, hard worker, friendly and flexible.

Why I am a Mormon

I met the two first missionaries in year 1998. They came to my house in purpose to share the gospel to my family, but at that time I was too young to understand. My parents didn’t accept the gospel. The missionaries kept the Book of Mormon in Cambodian, a big one, with my parents. They left our home and never return. I even didn’t remember what are their names? But I read that book and I wondered and had a lot of questions, but I don’t know who I could ask so that I can understand. In year 2004 one of my classmates worked with me as a private primary teacher in a private school in Phnom Penh. That was the time that I started learning about the church and the gospel. We studied in the same class since 1998 at grade 10 in public school till we graduated from high school. We know each other well. We are good friend. Since we left high school we had not contacted each other very much. Her name is Kong Bun Theoun. She is such a thoughtful person. She is nice and kind. She joined the church in year 2001 with her family, but some of his brothers have not joined the church till nowadays; it was the year after we graduated from high school; through her good example as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints I could see that the gospel of Jesus Christ was true. She didn’t have a job since she graduated from high school, but she took the college in Phnom Penh to take Associated Degree of Accounting. I worked as a primary teacher in my cousin’s private school. My cousin needed more teachers. He asked me if I know other friends who want to work in his school. I didn’t know why there was a thought came to me that I must tell Kong Bun Theoun about this information. I think that it was the time to me to get to know The Father. I went to her house; we didn’t have phones to contact at that time (year 2004). She was excited to hear that. She needed job so she came and work with me. She always talked to me and taught me about the gospel when we had free time from work. She did try her best to help and persuade me to believe in Jesus Christ. One day, after lunch she read the Book of Mormon, while she was reading I asked her ‘’what are you reading?” She gently replied, “I’m reading the scripture of Jesus”. The Book of Mormon was changed to a small one. So I didn’t recognize it. It was surprised me to hear that. I didn’t know that she is a Christian. At that time I said: “what the heck? Do you believe in Jesus? How? When? Why? You are Cambodian why do you believe in Jesus? You should believe in Buddha.” Those questions had been asked her, but she was strong and firm to answer. Then she answered: Ang (My name), “I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. It changed my life and I know that it can change yours too, if you will learn and apply it to your life”. And I said: “Are you kidding me?” After that she started teaching me about Heavenly Father, how much He loves us, His plan of happiness for us and our families, prophets of God, apostasy, the ministry of Jesus Christ on the earth, the great apostasy, the restored gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and how to pray to know the truth. I was really surprised and felt the spirit. I was very interested in the doctrine of the apostasy, the restored gospel and how to pray to know the truth. I would say I understood these doctrines very well. I didn’t know that there are so many different churches on the earth. At that I thought that all religions were the same, but that is not true. After she taught me I became to know that there is only one true church and I wanted to find that church. And she said: “If you want to know more about the church the missionaries can teach you more” and I asked her: “Who are missionaries?” She answered: “People who teach us about Christ”. After that day she always tried to invite me to go to church and it come to her family home evening, but I never went. She also invited me to meet with missionaries and I told her “I was very busy even though I wasn’t”. About two weeks later, when I was standing outside at our work, I saw two missionaries were riding their bikes on the road and I called my friend Bun Theoun over “Are these missionaries you were talking about before?” “Yes” she said. I felt like I wanted to be like them. Every time we met she would invite me to come to church. One Sunday I decided to go to church. I felt surprised again because members were so friendly and kind. They fellowshipped me and helped me sing the Hymns correctly. I liked them so much, but I never went to church again and never met with missionaries till 3 months later. Even though I didn’t go to church Bun Theoun still taught me to gospel and she was still a good example to me. How great is she! Parents in Cambodia look after and control their children so that if children want to do something they must get permission from their parents. It was a hard time for me to go to church because I was afraid to change my old way. And I was also afraid to tell my parents I wanted to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ. Bun Theoun Still encouraged me to learn the gospel. She said: “You have agency to choose just try”. There was an idea came quickly to my brain that “I must learn the gospel”. I thought that: “I have agency so I can learn the gospel”. My parents taught me about Buddha traditional since I was born and they are so firm and strong with it as well as my siblings and me. But I decided to talk to my parents about learning the gospel someday. Bun Theoun also told me that: “Satan doesn’t want you to know God and he tries to lead you away form Him.” On the 4th of April 2004 I decided to go to church. My destination was to go to church, but I needed to go to my work (I had a short meeting on Sunday at my work. Normally I don’t work on Sunday) first then come back to church. I thought about church a lot on that day when I was driving my motor on the road. When I crossed the road there was a car hit my motorbike. I got hurt on my right leg and my chin was cut. I really, really got hurt. I tried to lift my motorbike up, but the car that hit me drove away and I could do nothing. It was gone. Blood came out from my chin and leg. Then I tried to make my motorbike to work and it did. At that time I thought that I would go home, work or church because I still got hurt. Immediately I remembered what Bun Theoun told me about Satan. I thought, “I must overcome this temptation. I believe that God will help me to overcome it.” After that, I got a little bit better and I had driven my motorbike to my work for a short meeting then I came back to church. When I got the church everyone looked at me and asked, “What happened?” I answered that I got in a motorbike accident. Bun Theoun came and took the balm and applied it on my leg and I attended sacrament meeting. I still got hurt at that time, but I could bear it. I could feel the feel the spirit when the speakers spoke about the gospel. After sacrament meeting I joined Sunday school and got a nice pamphlet. Do you know what it was? It was the “For the Strength of Youth”. I liked it so much. I also joined Priesthood meeting. I got a good lesson from a priesthood teacher about repentance. I felt that I learned more about Him and His gospel and I should come back for next week without being invited by Bun Theoun. The first time I came to church. It was a small building. But this time it was a big and fancy building. It is branch 5 in Phnom Penh. I learned that Sunday is a precious day for me to learn more about the church and His gospel. Sunday helps me to gain more wisdom. At the end of the church meeting, Bun Theoun brought me two missionaries and wanted me to set a time to meet them on that day. And I said: “Ok! See you this afternoon at 2pm” When I got home I waited for them. I told my parents, “The missionaries wanted to visit me and all of us and I want to learn English and the gospel with them in their church.” My mom said: “Whatever you want because you’re older than 18 years old. You can choose what you want. It is good you ask us.” I was excited and anxious to see the missionaries. They came on time because Bun Theoun led them to my house. They met me and my parents and taught us about Heavenly Father and how the gospel blesses families. They gave me a Book of Mormon to read for next appointment. They are Elder John and Elder Kong. My family and parents liked the missionaries and their teaching, but they said they couldn’t join the church because they couldn’t leave their old ways. They let the missionaries come and teach me at our house. Every time that the missionaries met my parents, they tried to help them to join in our discussion, but they didn’t join at all. The missionaries told me that next appointment they will not come because this is not their area. And they told me that I have to attend sacrament in Kien Svay Brach, which is about 8 km from my house. But I want to attend 5th branch because I have friends there and it is closed to my house as well. But one of them said: “This is the will of god that He wants you to go there.” I felt the spirit so strong and I said “Yes, I will do.” So I met with other two missionaries. They are Elder Pho and Elder Ludlow. I received all the lessons from them and I applied them in my life. I started changing to the Lord’s path. I studied the scriptures, prayed, went to church, and attended other church activities. I felt my Savior’s love. I learn more and more. My testimonies grow. My faith became strong. I’m so glad that I came to know the truth. I got baptized on the 23rd of May 2004 by Elder Pho. My mom joined my baptismal service and so did Bun Theoun and her sister. I did finish reading the Book of Mormon before I got baptized, but I don’t remember those principles all. I want to testify to you that I know that God is our Father in heaven. Jesus is the Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father, the Savior and the Redeemer on the world. Through Him and His atonement we can be cleaned and go back to live with Him someday. I know that Joseph Smith was such a prophet of God, who restored the true fullness of the Gospel again. I know with all my heart that he did see Gods, the Father and the Son. His testimony is my testimony that “After the many testimonies, which have been given of Him, that is the testimony, last of all, which we give of Him: That he lives.”(D&C76:22). I also know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It contains the fullness of the everlasting gospel. All people can come close to God by abiding by its precepts. It tells men what they must do to gain peace in this life and eternal salvation in the next life to come (Introduction of the Book of Mormon). The Moroni’s promise is true. If all men read the Book of Mormon, ponder, and ask God the eternal Father, in the name if Christ, they will gain a testimony of its truth and divinity by the power of the Holy Ghost (Moroni10:3-5). I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church of Christ that established again preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah. He has come and He will come again. I’m so excited to take upon me the name of Christ. I’m really thankful for the gospel. It’s blessed my life. I’m the first generation in my family so I have many responsibilities to help my family to join the church. I know that He will help me to do this work. My decision to join the church today will help my former generations (proxy baptism), my generations, and my next generations to know the truth and receive salvation. I am on the right way to go back home. I will keep it up and He will richly bless me. I also want to thank the Lord who softened my parents’ hearts to give me the opportunity to learn about the gospel. And I thank my parents who supported me to go on mission. I love them so much. And I want to let the two first missionaries that came to my home in year 1998 that I now joined the church and I’m serving the mission. I want them to know that their effort to talk to my family is not in vain. I have prayed always that the Lord will lead me and them to see each other again someday. I just felt that they are closed to me. Thank you Bun Theoun for helping me and led me to know the truth. You’re such a great missionary too. May the Lord bless you all! Sincerely, Lum Ang But

How I live my faith

I’m a dedicated person and am one of eight children, five boys and three girls, therefore I love family life. My parents are farmers. They work hard to support family and teach us in a good way of life. I enjoy reading. Reading has strengthened my teaching, training skills and presentation abilities. I enjoy working as a team. I love to study, I have been blessed with a very good intellect, and I feel I have a talent to work well and influence and motivate people. I am a hard worker, fast learner and a flexible. I have been successful at training staff members and working with the leaders.

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

Lum Ang
I know better and better about Gods and the way of life when I read the scriptures. They strengthen my testimony, faith, spirit and lead me always to be a better person. My favorite verse is in Moroni 7:5. Show more Show less