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Larry Richman: social media, marketing, product management, project manager, blogger, Mormon.

Hi I'm Larry Richman

About Me

I work with social media and online product marketing. I've also been a professional project manager for nearly 30 years. But, at heart, I consider myself a writer. I've authored over a dozen books and have written a blog post nearly every day since 2006. See and I also run a website with ideas about how to save money on nearly everything you buy. See

Why I am a Mormon

I follow Christ because I love Him and know that following his commandments will bring me more joy in life than by following any other course.

Personal Stories

Why/How do you share the gospel with your friends?

I love to share the gospel with others. A girl from our neighborhood has been attending our church for the past few years and really wanted to join the church, but her parents didn't want her to get baptized into the church because everyone in their family was of a different religion. We finally convinced her parents to attend a meeting last week, and it was an amazing experience for them. The mother cried through the whole meeting and afterward said that she had never felt the spirit before like she did through that meeting. Her parents gave permission for their daughter to be baptized this Saturday! I know that she will be blessed for following Christ's teachings and being baptized with the proper priesthood authority.

How I live my faith

I have served as the bishop of our local congregation, which took a lot of time, but also brought me a lot of joy. My responsibilities in the Church give me the chance to associate with and help other people.