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Didi: Mormon.

Hi I'm Didi

About Me

My instant HAPPINESS was built since I became a member. I discovered that I had every right to feel beautiful.I discovered that the kind comes from the inside. It is in my smile and my style. It is in the light of my eyes and the warmth in my heart.Every day I have a challenge to let my best self shine.

Why I am a Mormon

Over the years, all my callings have taught me. I’ve been strengthened by the sharing it. This makes me useful and happy. In the Church I had callings which improved my desire to serve. My slogan is: "I'm here to serve you!" Recently I have been working with Church Program for our Sunday worship and also, I am in charge to keep our program of visits working well. I love missionary work and love the Gospel. I have some contribution to make to my community and then get about of fulfilling it as only I can. There is no greater gift you can receive than honor your calling.

Personal Stories

What blessings have come through your faith in Jesus Christ?

I have experienced a lot of miracle in my life. But the unique real miracle is the: The Plan of Salvation. I know God has a Plan for me. His Plan is P E R F E C T! “That gift is free!” In November 2004, just one month before Christmas I was diagnosed with Cancer, Metastasis, and Ascites. The chances of my surviving this kind of cancer were very poor. While in The Temple, I asked myself: What have I learned in those last years concerning God’s Plan? Being in that special place I felt God’s hands on my head “You are my beloved daughter, fear not, and trust me!” That feeling was profound to me. It meant that even in my worst moment, God loves me; it gave me such faith and confidence: “He loves me and I can feel His love”. Four months later I am still alive and married with 50 years old. This is a real miracle: the Heavenly Father’s love. What have I learned? I’ve have learned that God really has a plan for us and His Plan is perfect! I’ve learned how blessing it is to keep the Word of Wisdom. I feel quite well now. I’ve learned the power of the Priesthood of God given to men of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I’ve learned that the mortal life experiences continue to be a challenge. I’ve learned that it is very difficult to expect my final time on this earth even though I can live sincerely the Gospel and keep the commandments and stay positive. I’ve learned that our dreams can come true in Heavenly Father’s time. I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. I know they love me. I feel their blessings each day in my life.

How I live my faith

In my twenties I was trying to find out what wonders I can achieve? Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I found my way to stand tall. I’ve been making more right decisions and choices, speaking my truth to those around me. My life’s journey is about becoming more of who I am now. Since I chose be a Mormon, I understood that all experiences are here to teach me something about myself. The hardest experiences are often the ones that teach us the next. Only when I can be closer of Heavenly Father I can see and make the best decisions, and grow from the experience. My challenges are keeping doing better and being better at who I am until I fulfill my mission of the miracle that is the life.