United Kingdom
David: Mormon.

Hi I'm David

About Me

I love listening to music, reading, writing, taking pictures, and playing basketball. I'm a father of five.

Why I am a Mormon

I've had a number of spiritual experiences reading scriptures that have strengthened my faith. Particularly as I've read from the Book of Mormon, I've had a quiet, powerful feeling confirm to me the truthfulness of what I'm reading. Following the commandments also has brought me terrific peace in my life. As I try to live my life as my Heavenly Father expects, I get the feeling that my life is generally in line with what He wants. I'm also a Mormon because I wanted to marry my sweetheart in a holy temple, where the power of the Priesthood could seal us together for all eternity. Knowing that our family will still be together after this life is one of the greatest sources of happiness in my life. I'm definitely looking forward to forever with her.

Personal Stories

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

One of Jesus Christ's teachings that has significantly influenced my life reads: "And behold it is written also, that thou shalt love thy neighbor and hate thine enemy; But behold I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you" (3 Nephi 12:43-44). In many ways I think this teaching is the essence of Christianity. I'm constantly trying to do a better job of living by this teaching; and while I'm not always successful, I think these constant efforts bless my life and benefit those around me.

How I live my faith

My wife, my children, and I take time each morning to talk about what we need the Lord's help with that day, to sing a song together, and to pray together to ask for help and support. Each evening, we get together again and tell each other what we were thankful for that day, sing a song together, pray together, and read scriptures as a family. These little rituals keep us close, keep us up-to-date on each other's lives, and give us an opportunity to feel the Spirit together each day. NIghtly scripture reading in particular gives us a regular opportunity to talk about God, how He wants us to live, and how He wants to bless us. As an individual, one thing I try to do each day is say my morning prayer and read my scriptures before reading email or the day's news. This is one of several things I try to do to show my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that they are the top priority in my life. I'm so grateful for all the blessings they've given me and the incredible Plan of Happiness they've prepared for each of us.