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Hi I'm Megan

I'm a mother, a wife, a respiratory therapist, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I currently get to be a stay at home mum for my 4 kids ages 10,8, 5 and a newborn. My husband works as a helath clinic Administrator. I trained as a respiratory therapist and currently work three times a month. I also teach piano lessons. With 4 young children my husband and I tend to be fans of the "in-home" entertainment. Movies, reading novels to each other,wrestling and dancing with our kids are a few of our favorite pass times. I love playing the piano, reading, cooking and doing digital art for Christmas presents. I recently started blogging and I'm loving it. I plan on printing it up as a family history every year or so.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were Mormon and their parents were Mormon. However there comes a time in everybody's life where we question the traditions of our family and where we need to develop our own belief and not rely on our parent's belief anymore. For me that time was in my later teenage years. It is one thing to be taught that Joseph Smith is a prophet and a completely other thing to believe it for myself. I truly believe that the only way you can learn about something is to study it out then pray about it. Studying can often bring misinformation, but praying never will. I have a firm belief that God will never lie to me. When I pray for answers I have faith that he will answer me. As a teenager I decided to pray and find out if the religion that I had been born into was the true church of Jesus Christ. I know it is. The answer came over time and with continual prayers. Nobody can take that knowledge from me now. Everytime I discover a new and deeper facet of this gospel and church I will take it and pray about it and study it. I have never been dissapointed and the answer from God has always been that it is true. Individual people may dissapoint, do bad things, and lead others astray, but God never will. So while I do know that individual members of this church may not be perfect, I believe that the gospel it teaches is perfect. If followed perfectly, the gospel of the Mormon church will only lead to greater happiness, greater peace and a greater desire to be like our Saviour Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I try to live a good life. One of the most important aspects of my membership in this church is the belief that family is extremely important. In our family we say family prayers with our children. We all kneel together and each day a different family member offers the family prayer. We also have our children say their own nighttime prayers and it has been fun to see their prayers evolve as they have gotten older. Our youngest son use to pray that he will be able "to fly tommorrow like Buzz Lightyear" and our oldest son has now started to pray for others and it has been a heart touching experience to hear his sweet pleas to Heavenly Father. In our local church I get to teach the 10 and 11 year old girls. We plan month activities and the girls get to learn skills such as cooking and craft work. We focus a lot on becoming a good person and having faith in Christ. In this church we also have a network set up where every women has 2 ladies assigned to her. We call them visiting teachers. These women come and visit at least once a month and deliver an uplifting message. I love being a visiting teacher. Many of the women I have visited have become dear friends and it is always a wonderful visit.

What are some things that tell to you there is a God?

A sweet baby's smile, the intricate and delicate artwork of a flower garden, and the endless starry night. I believe that all of this did not just appear, or slowly evolve on it's own. I believe there was a creater, a great designer who had a plan. And besides the fact that the world is a wondrous place, even more amazing to me is the feelings of love that we are all capable of. Surely there is a being out there, a magnificant, awesome creater who loves us and will always love us, for he created us. If we were truly alone in this universe, I do not believe that love would have such an impact as it does in my life or the lives of my friends and family. Besides, how could love be created from an explosion like the big bang? There is a creater and he is God. I know this to be true. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

We believe that families can live together forever. When we get married in the Mormon church it is not till death do us part. It is for eternity. Next to making sure that I as an individual live a righteous life it is of utmost importance to me to ensure that my family lives a good life too. We believe that all worthy family members can live together in heaven with our Heavenly Father. The family relationships of this life will continue on after death. My mother has died and I look forward to being with her again in heaven. My desire to see her gives me added incentive to live a good life and follow the commandments of God. Show more Show less