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Hi I'm Josie

I grew up in England but have always kept my Chilean roots close to my heart and dream of returning more often.

About Me

I am a working mother but absolutely love spending time with my family. I originally decided to go travelling back to Chile where my Father is from but ended up falling in love, not just with the beautiful country, but I met my beautiful husband and best friend who I married in 2008. We now have a wonderful little boy named Elias and have great fun with his cheeky yet well tempered nature. Despite my Father also originally coming from Chile, I didn't grow up speaking Spanish, but thanks to my husbands influence, I am learning, slowly! We now speak Spanish in our home so that Elias can reap the benefits of two languages. We often contemplate adding Chinese to the mix too, but that movement is slower. After I got married, I needed to work and found a job working in customer services for a premium health club. I have worked there ever since and now battle between the balance of working full time, caring for Elias and our home. My hopes and aspirations are that we can stay united as a family, grow our family and travel the world together and continue exploring.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon because there came a time in my life where i really wanted to know what was true and what wasn't. I wanted to know more. I grew up in the church and have fortunately been taught from a very young age but when I was 17 I decided that I really wanted to know for myself. I felt no pressure from anyone else to make that desision it was just how I felt. I didn't want to go to a church that I didn't know was true. I had a few things in my mind that i questioned and made me wonder what was right. So i started to read the Book of Mormon, from front to back for the first time, and I prayed, but most of all I thought really hard about everything that I questioned about the Church. I wasn't sure for a long time but one day as i was driving home and thinking I felt the most amazing feeling, i felt peace and excitement and love all at the same time, i thought about the belief of life after death and eternal families and how God is loving and right then and there i knew that it was true, Thats when I understood that God is perfect and the Church was right with its principles and teaching and but what was making me question them wasn't the actual principle it was some individuals who weren't living or obeying exactly as God intended. But none of us are perfect, right : After that i continued to study and really strengthened my testimony. I eventually finished reading the book of mormon and prayed to know for myself if it was true and again had that strong prompting of the spirit confirming it to be true, i have done that ever since with every principle of the gospel when needed and in other times in my life where I needed help. I have never been let down by our Heavenly Father and know that he loves us with a pure and perfect love.

How I live my faith

I serve in the church in our womens organisation. My main responsibility is to organise our activities and help encourage the social interaction in our area. It's often easy for women to feel alone and I enjoy showing that we are more united and alike than we often think. I love to see how we can all learn knew skills from each others differences and talents but build long lasting friendships too. Most of all though, I am focusing on trying to be a good example. I hope to be a good example to my family, most especially my children. I believe that how we act will most help and encourage our children more than what we could ever say. Personal prayers and having meaningful conversations with my heavenly Father help me the most, as well as reading from the scriptures which for me include the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Yes, i truely believe that they can. WE must live righteously and treat our families well to be able to be worthy to have such an amazing blessing. But as we do we can know that although loved ones might be taken from us in this life, we can be with them once again. This knowledge brings be great hope and peace, to know that I will always be able to see my loved ones Show more Show less

What is Mormonism? OR What do Mormons believe?

The Book of Mormon is the most special book I have ever read. My favourite part in it is found in 3rd Nephi where Jesus Christ appears to the Nephites on the American continent and teaches them the gospel of Christ which is consistent with the new testament. I love it because I really feel his great love for them as he teaches, it shows me also that he doesn't favour one continent but spreads his teaching to all so that we all can have happiness and joy and come to know of him and his love. We also believe that because God loves all of his children, we are able to still receive revelation from God. All of us, individually. We have a prophet who lives and guides and directs us, just as he would in ancient times. The first in modern times was Joseph Smith who translated the Book of Mormon and received Sacred Ordinances, such as the Priesthood which was lost when Jesus' apostles died. Heavenly Father wants all of us to be able to return and live with him again after this life, and gives us every power and help to do that. For me that includes a living prophet, all of our scriptures and the power of the priesthood. The priesthood is given to all those trusted with its authority but we all can feel of the blessings of it. And I have many times in my life. I have always felt of his constant presence in my life and feel so blessed, even through the darkest and most troublesome moments in my life. Show more Show less