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Hi I'm Trent E.

I'm a Mormon and I've had a full, rich, and rewarding life living the gospel.

About Me

I have been a member of the church all my life. I currently live with in a far distant land with a language and culture completely different from my home country. My wife lives with me here, and our children are now away attending college in the US. We love our home here and the association with members of the church provides us another family with those who share faith in Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been blessed with the capability to discern between good and evil. This has been something I have had from a young age. And with that, once I came to know Jesus Christ and accept him as my Savior, I had to then know if I was living my life in accordance with his will. I tested the teachings I had learned from my youth. I determined to know if the church had true, legitimate 'authority' (we call it the priesthood), or if men has simply taken the desire to do good and called it something else. I prayed to know if I was following blindly the path my parents had followed, and their parents before them. What I learned was that the Atonement of Christ is real. That God loves us, and has provided us with a living Prophet to lead and direct the affairs of the church in a modern day, with challenges that have never been seen before. And that Prophet holds keys of the priesthood that are delegated to the priesthood holders of the church throughout the world. I read the Book of Mormon. I reasoned with myself if any man could write such a book with such clarity, and such spiritual strength without any formal education. I wondered if the principle contained in the book could be captured and converted into text by a small town farm boy without the assistance of a higher power. But more than anything, as I pondered over the words of the many prophets in the book, particularly Alma 34, I came to know through the swelling in my bosom and the burning in my heart that the book was the word of God. I challenge anyone of sincere faith to read Alma 34 and learn about the Atonement of Christ, reference those passages with the Bible, ponder over what you read, and pray to know if what is written is true. You can come to know Jesus Christ and understand his great sacrifice for man through the Book of Mormon, and enjoy the blessings of following him in faith in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Where we live, we cannot openly discuss our faith or have religious discussions. So, as we go about our activities each day, we have to try and be a light in the darkness. We cannot explain the source of the light, but we can allow it to shine, and let other feel its warmth. In the church, we serve in voluntary positions assigned by church leaders called 'callings'. I have served in the church in a number of callings ranging from working in the young nursery age children in pre-teen youth organization. I have spent many years working with the teenage youth - specifically young men - organization leader and as a Scoutmaster. Currently, I am a leader for our local unit of the church in this big city. Living in the largest city in the world is a challenging change of life for many people, both for members of our church and those who are not, the church provides a family focused foundation of strength where they can join together with others in order to meet life's challenges.

What are some things that tell to you there is a God?

Trent E.
As I have gotten older and seen so many things, I marvel at the complexity of this world we live in. I find the explanations of science to be unacceptable. I consider things as a whole, for instance. Man if he was created through an adaptive process called evolution, how did he survive? And by that I mean, the knowledge of one man even today isn't passed to future generations until they are born and are taught. The length of time to complete that process in my mind demonstrates that the species would have died off long before it evolved into something else. Think of this. The process of growing rice. Rice is planted as seed in small flooded fields. When the sprouts come up, they are pulled apart and individual sprouts are then re-planted. The plant grows in heavily flooded patches (rice paddies) for most of its life, but at the end when it is nearly mature, the water is drained off, and it sprouts the grain seeds, dries, and then turns yellow for harvest. The process takes several months. If there is no God, and if God has had no dealings among man and we just EVOLVED, how did we live long enough to learn how to grow rice? How did man ever learn an avacado was good? Jack fruit? guava? passion fruit? And then there is nature itself, with so many resplendent beasts, fowls, fishes, and the creepy crawling things. Can anyone rationally believe that they were all part of some 'big bang', created each by CHANCE, and that there was no supreme being involved? I cannot fathom it. Show more Show less