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Hi I'm Corry

I grew up in Portland Oregon, Im a Dancer, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Im 22 years old, I have 5 sibilings. Im currently going to school for nursing, on my free time i love to play sports especially ultimate frisbee. Dancing is a major hobby of mine, i have been dancing for about 8 years, all forms of ballroom with a little bit of hip hop and ballet.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church and I always had some belief of the gospel but a large part of my faith was anchored into my parents belief. However that was not enough for me when I grew older, especially when i entered high school. In high school there were a lot of different paths i could take, not just in choices of religion such as Catholic, Protestant, Seventh-Day Adventist ect... but different life styles. I had to choose, I had to make a decision and I had reached an age where my parents convictions were no longer enough for me. I had to know if this Church was true. I had read through the Book of Mormon many times but i never sincerely got on my knees and prayed. One night I was alone in my bedroom and I had finished reading the Book of Mormon, I thought about how I needed to know if what I had read was true. I got down on my knees and prayed. I didn't see any angels or bright lights, but i felt peace and warmth, a feeling that I cant describe but in reality was there, it confirmed to me that the Book of Mormon was true, that what I have been taught all my life was true there is a prophet of God on the earth who leads and directs Christ church according to the Saviors will. That this is truly the Gospel that God established not just for me or my family but for everyone.

How I live my faith

I have moved around quite a bit in the last few years. However I have been asked to serve in different capacities in my congregation I have been a Sunday school teacher for 15 yrs. olds, served as a missionary for 2 years in Albuquerque New Mexico, I home teach other members of the congregation visiting them to make sure that their needs are met, that if they need help we are there. Basically the person who has their back. Those are some of the responsibilities that I have been asked to do in my congregation, but i also believe that we are called to serve outside the church to help our neighbors to do what we can for others no matter the race, religion ect... All of my friends know that I will drop anything that I am doing to help them no matter what, it doesn't matter time or place I will do what i can. I believe that is what Christ would want me to do. I try to live my faith through my life, I don't believe in living a double life a saint on Sunday and a rebel the rest of the week. I try to show my faith and commitment to God through how I live, I try to follow his example, I try to treat everyone right, I try to live how Christ would want me to live. I make mistakes, but God loves and I know he forgives and will help me to do better next time. That gives me hope to keep me going. 

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

The bible was not formally put together until about 325 AD. Until then they were scrolls written by prophets of God. The prophets and apostles wrote on many scrolls, so many that they could not be included in what we have today as the bible. All the scriptures that we have, were written by prophets who believed in modern day revelation to give direction on how to deal with the trials of their day. When reading the New Testament, you will see that most of the epistles were giving instruction to the saints on how to live and deal with their present day struggles. They had the writings of the Jews but they required modern day revelation as well. The belief of modern revelation scripture died with the death of the apostles. Each time God had his church upon the earth there was modern day revelation, or else we wouldn't have bible. We have struggles today that were not present 2,000 years ago and like the people of the New Testament we need help as well. Heavenly Father wants everyone to return home to him and in order for us to do so he had to restore his gospel with prophets like those in the bible to help lead us there.  Show more Show less