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Hi I'm Matthew

I've lived in the U.S., Brazil, and China... I believe Christ. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Oi! Tudo Beleza? Ni Hao Ma? How are you? I am a 31 year old, single guy, who works in product development and marketing by day and loves to spend time with friends and family whenever possible. I love the arts I perform in local community theater I enjoy graphic design, multimedia production, drawing, painting, singing, and laughing. My interests range from the study of Austrian economics, liberty, political science, current events, and history to sports I really should play more tennis, literature, poetry, music, science, nature, peoples cultures and customs, technology, and more! There is so much wonder and beauty to seek and find in this world... That said, I am also acquainted with the sorrow, frustration, and pain that life on Earth presents, but even in the most hopeless and dark recesses, among the poorest and most destitute, there is great hope! As I seek friends among those who struggle, I find living treasures! There are good people everywhere. I see the spark of hope within people regardless of where they are today or what they've done in the past, they can look forward with a tiny shred of desire for a better way, to improve their lives, and search after light and truth and happiness. I have a special fondness for those to whom life's path seems particularly dark or precarious, where pain or despair sweeps over them, leaving them feeling like it's too much to bear. You fight solitary battles every day of your life against injustices, abuse, physical frailties, learning difficulties, addictions, alienation, abandonment, economic hardship, depression, homelessness, or whatever it be. In the midst of this battle, it seems the sum of all your efforts is barely or not even enough to sustain you through to the next day, and at times, the most you are able to manage to do is simply hold on and be still... My heart reaches out to you, my prayers are often in your behalf, and my efforts--within my tiny sphere of influence--attempt to ease burdens like yours whenever I can. I have been privileged to share my journey on Earth with many wonderful individuals like you, and seeing what a privilege and honor it is to be a part of this wonderful human family helps me better understand who I am, as a brother to mankind and a son of heavenly parents. I am my brother's and sister's keeper. I am Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe there is no better belief system or way of living that has the potential to help me become the person I want to become. I know the church has a special mandate and authority from God to bless the whole human family -- those children of God who have gone before, those who now live upon the Earth, and those who will yet come and experience this testing ground we know as mortal life. I am a Mormon because I know God lives, loves me, and wants the best in life for me, both as I live today and after I die and leave this mortal realm behind. The church has been instituted by God among men, notwithstanding the many weaknesses and faults of all men and women who have joined its ranks through the waters of baptism, to help save people from themselves by giving us access to the words and power of eternal life. As I learn more and pursue a life that is consistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is being restored in its fullness today through living prophets who guide the church, I can experience a mighty change in my heart for the good. This will help me prepare people to live a happier, abundant existence while living and breathing here on Earth as well as help prepare me with the knowledge and keys to grow up into the full measure of who I can become, so I may enjoy eternal association as a son and co-inheritor through Christ in the family of our Heavenly Parents. Being Mormon gives me access to the best that life has to offer both here and now as well as in the future. It also brings its own set of challenges and changes, some of which can be hard to face, but knowing what I now know, I cannot imagine a better course for my life.

How I live my faith

How I live my faith? Well, indulge me long enough to let you in on a little secret: I don't live my faith well I live far below my faith if I did live my faith well, my life would be far more remarkable. BUT...and this is an important "but"... I have just enough faith to know that Christ Our Redeemer can help lift me to greater faith, step by step. I have not always been the most consistent member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I've had faith and knowledge of God, since a very young age, but I have struggled to live my life in a way that maintains the good standards the church encourages its members to live. My personal weaknesses aside, I have also enjoyed rich spiritual blessings by striving to bring my life in closer harmony with the commandments and principles taught by the Savior, Jesus, and His church these teachings are given by God for the blessing of His children. God wants us to grow in knowledge of who we are and who we are to become... We are children of Heavenly Parents who love us and desire the best in life for us. I have a knowledge of these inestimable truths... Now, I've just got to move forward with greater faith, walking in a more meek and humble path, so I can find comfort in knowing the Lord, and in turn, have my outward actions better mirror my faith. I pray every day. I read the words of prophets old and new in scriptures like the Bible. I seek after the gifts and strengths and resources to help bless the lives of others. In my church, I attend weekly meetings in order to replenish my spiritual nourishment. Though, I don't currently hold any formal church positions to teach or lead, I try to offer my support and love to those who attend my ward a local church group that is based on the geographical location of my current home. I am amazed by how many wonderful people from many different backgrounds and walks of life can find peace, hope, and faith by attending church together and turning their lives toward the Lord who still watches over us and reaches out to us today. Outside of church-sponsored activities, I enjoy reaching out to help people in need whenever I can. I am not rich and wish I could do so much more, but I have developed great love and admiration for those who are often considered the least among our society. I also love listening to and counseling with friends who may be having a particularly hard day. They offer me so much kindness, and I love any small opportunity to return whatever meager portion of support I can. I am not the best Mormon. I meet wonderful people who are not Mormon who would make far better Mormons than I will ever be, but I am happy to be a Mormon and offer whatever contribution I can. Being Mormon gives me daily opportunities to serve, love, help, and bless the lives of others -- to live in a way and do the things that the Savior would do in my place. I fall terribly short of this ideal, but I take faith and courage in following this path, nonetheless.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Depends on the Mormon, I suppose. ;) However, as a church, we feel it is our obligation to bless the lives of the entire human family in a variety of ways. Using our talents, time, energy, and resources, we can help make a difference in the lives of God's children everywhere, but you don't have to be a Mormon to reach out and bless someone's life. You can start small. Start with those around you in your own home, neighborhood, community, city, state, etc. As we journey through life, God wants us to experience the rich spiritual blessings associated with serving and helping others we come across. There are countless opportunities to bless others. Sometimes, I get discouraged wishing I could help more, better, and faster, but even though I may not be able to help everyone I'd like, I can ask the Lord to guide me to or recognize the needs of people around me. Show more Show less