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Hi I'm Jeff

I walk again & run & bike after a paralyzing 3 story free fall on scrap metal. Life is gamble enough for this Nevada born Mormon.

About Me

Today I'm a husband, a dad, and a grandfather. My wife (of 34 years) and I have raised 5 children and live a happy life. I like biking, hiking, catching fish, gardening and teaching young people. Life is sweet, but it wasn't always that way. Life has its challenges. On a wintery day in January, at age 28 while working construction, I lost my footing on a slick metal roof atop a three story building. Falling 3 stories I landed on scrap metal stored on the frozen ground. The fall broke my pelvis, shattered my wrist, impaled my thigh on a part of a crusher screen, and caused nerve damage which left me unable to move from the chest down. My body felt so much pain--it felt like even my hair hurt. Unable to move on the frozen ground, my eyes opened and all I saw was white. I thought, “This can’t be heaven it hurts too much!” The 'white' was frozen snow stuck to vertical sheets of plate steel in front of my face, which I just barely missed falling on. As I was falling from the building, my life flashed before my mind’s eye. I believed it would be the last day I would see in life. I knewing the frozen ground below was covered with steel and scrap metal, I wondered, “Did my life accomplish anything? Was my life's calling just to build stuff? Did I accomplish my life's purpose?” As I fell to the ground, I wished for a chance to do more than just "stuff." i hit the ground with a parralizing jolt. After learning to walk again, I changed occupations.

Why I am a Mormon

Skilled surgeons and caring therapists organized the bone fragments, protected against infection, and worked with the systems God placed in the body in order to prepare the body for self repair repairs. During this experience I learned so much about mortal life--things I never imaged existed before my fall. Learning about the marvelous systems of intricately intertwined nerves, muscles and bones has deepened my appreciation for this mortal body we take so much for granted. The Church of Jesus Christ encourages us to look at life as an adventure to be filled with learning experiences. The Churcht gives us opportuinties to serve others. It gives hope. Hope is a marvelous thing! It is motivational. It keeps me growing! Latter-day Saints see purpose in life and its challenges. During the fall my life flashed before my eyes. I knew God was real. I knew I was at the door into eternity. I prayed for help. Help came.

How I live my faith

Awaking each morning I rejoice that I can climb out of bed on my own will power. Gratefully, I can dress myself, tie my own shoes, walk across the floor, see with my eyes, hear with my ears, and speak with my mouth. After the fall, I asked the Lord to put me to use in more effective ways in His marvelous world and He gave me opportunities to teach youth & young adults. I left construction work and obtained a job teaching scriptures to young people. Every day begins helping young people to see life with new eyes, and feel hope in a world of challenges and troubles. Jesus' gospel calls us "to fight a good fight, to finish the race" well. Most of us can do this but take it for granted! We can do it better than we have been doing if we will let gratitude affect our attitude. if we just look gratefully at His gift called "life" and what we can do with eyes of faith, if we can sit up in bed then smile. If we can stand up then laugh out loud because it has started out as a successful day. Then drop a knee to thank heaven for theses simple acts that allow independance.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Latter-day Saints believe in being "saved" by grace, but not by "cheap grace" as some Christians call it. We believe in being "re-born" through grace & putting off the "old man of sin" & putting on "the new man of Christ"-that no longer wants to sin. We believe that by choosing & accepting God's grace we are free to choose the best choices now available to us through His grace. For instance, through God's grace we can choose self-less rather than selfish actions. Through God's grace we can choose kind words rather than harsh, unkind ones, to choose patience over impatience, to be honest rather than to lie, to respect life rather than kill, to respect the property rights of others rather than steal & to be faithful spouses rather than commit adultery, etc, In other words, we believe that through God's grace we can choose obedience to God's commandments rather than disobedience to them. So we believe in being saved by grace & then being "changed" by grace as we encounter life's decisions. So we follow the apostle Paul's admonition to work out our salvation with fear (reverence for God) and trembling (humility before God) with confidence that the grace of God's teachings will change us to keep more and more of the commandments of God until we reach the "fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ" as He commanded. Therefore by God's grace & by keeping the commandments He gave us through His grace, we become different from the world and are filled with the love of God. Show more Show less