What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Weston Brandon

About Me

Currently I am preparing for a mission and am expecting my call to come in mail this week, May 12, 2010. I love music and play the piano regularly. In the past I have played the viola and a little of the guitar. I love reading and am interested in fiction, historical non-fiction, and LDS literature. I have been learning Spanish since about the 4th grade and have continued learning it ever since; I have been using my language skills at all my jobs in the past and it has helped me so much in communicating with others. I love learning about cultures and different people's traditions. I am an Eagle scout and worked as a Staff at a Scout camp at Camp Cherry Valley on Catalina Island last summer. I am the Branch Organist, A branch Missionary, and help people with Family History on the New Family Search Program. I currently work night shifts to save for a mission.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been asked why I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints many times. The question comes up, "You just live it because you were raised that way", or "How do you know it is really true and not living it from your parent's faith?" I have been through troubling times in my life where I made mistakes and didn't always rely on my faith and the Savior, Jesus Christ, to help me through. There was a time in my life, like many others, where I had to find out for myself if this church was the true church. I struggled for a while to know but the answer never came. I was reading in Alma (from the Book of Mormon) chapter 32 when it talks about experimenting upon the word and how it is compared to a seed; if the seed is good, it will grow and you will reap good fruit, if the word is bad, then it will wither away and die. But the seed could be a good seed but you plant it in non-nourished soil or rocky lands (which was symbolic to me that I truly had to want to know for myself and that I needed to live my life in harmony with the gospel's teachings) and it could still die. This doesn't mean the seed was bad, it meant that you planted it in the wrong place. It said that you needed to experiment upon the word and if you have even a particle of faith, it will grow. I decided that I needed to get rid of all my doubts, fears, and put God first. This meant that I had to stop my sinful habits so that I could plant this seed in nourished soil. This was hard to do but I had a small hope that it would work. I prayed and studied and lived my life according to the word. It didn't come to me in a vision, nor did an angel come from heaven and tell me. It came through the warmth, feeling of being wrapped in the arms of my Savior, and my heart was touched. I knew, then, that it was true! I had to do my part and the Lord fulfilled his promise. It is a good seed. Each time I read the Book of Mormon, I get that same feeling. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't come right away, as my confirmation took time, but if you seek with humble heart and put the word to the test, you will receive this confirmation from the Holy Ghost as I did.

How I live my faith

Currently I am the Music Coordinator in my Branch (a smaller version of a ward) and plan the music that will be sung each week at church and extend the opportunity for others in the branch to participate in musical numbers. I am also the choir director and just recently started our Branch choir, which has proved to be a success so far! I am a branch missionary as well. I help befriend those in our community who are either less active or those who are not members of our faith and invite them to come to our activites or to church. I also help out at the local family history center to help people who are searching their ancestors. I love helping them find who they are and where their ancestry is from. You would be surprised how many people are distantly related to you that you would have never made a connection with and to learn their stories,

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Weston Brandon
Temples are a house for the Lord. They are places that are holy where we can receive blessings, worship, receive ordinances, and serve. In bible times, the Lord commanded his people to build temples. Just like in times of old, there are temple today all throughout the world. There are 2 major reasons for temples. The first, Ordinances for the Living. The purpose of temples is so that we can receive the ordinances needed for exaltation in the celestial kingdom. Temple ordinances help us and lead to the atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ. In the temple we make covenants with the Lord. The things that happen in the temple, the ordinances performed, are not secret; they are sacred. One of these ordinances is Celesteial Marriage. In normal marriages the words are repeated, "till death do you part." We know that death doesn't have to part a marriage or a family. Being married in the temple allows a husband and wife to be sealed together for all time and all eternity. The sealing stays in effect as long as the husband and wife are faithful to the covenants that they make. Children born to these parents who have been sealed together are what we call Born in the Covenant. That means that these children can be a family unit with their parents and siblings for all time and all eternity, as long as each individual keeps their covenants. Children born before a husband and wife are sealed, or children who are adopted can be sealed to the parents in the temple as part of this sealing process. I know that as I struggle with life's daily challenges that the knowledge of being with my family forever conforts me and helps me strive to live my life better. I have not yet received temple ordinances but am preparing to do so. Men who serve a mission, receive ordinances and make covenants before they serve a mission. We call this process "going through the temple." Covenants made there point to the Lord and help us to remember things in an eternal scheme. People from other faiths have asked me why they are not allowed to enter into the temple, for example when their friend or their child is getting married in the temple. In order to enter the temple we have to become and strive to live worthily to hold a temple recommend. This can be compared to having a library card. You have to go through a process to sign up for this card, and if you break the terms your card won't work. The question you are asked in an interview with your bishop or stake president are not multiple choice nor are they a quiz. They reflect on how you are living your life. For example, the question is asked "Do you believe in and have a testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ." or "Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow-men?" These questions help you to know how you should live your life. The second thing that is done in the temple are ordinances for the dead. People who have died without essential gospel ordinances may receive these ordinances through the work done in the temple. You can do this work in behalf of your ancestors who have died and others. Acting for them, you can be a proxy for their ordinances. Those who didn't have a chance to receive these ordinances can be blessed with the blessings that come from them even though they didn't "go through the temple" when they were living. Family history is an important part of temple work. I personally participate in family history and from finding my family who have not had these blessings from these ordinances, I can have their work done in the temple. I can be baptized and confirmed a member of the church for them, and when I personally "go through the temple" I can do their other ordinances for them. When I am troubled or need extra guidance, participating in temple ordinances and being in the temple (a place of peace and revelation) helps me to receive spiritual guidance. Service in the temple strengthens and refines me spiritually. Show more Show less