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Hi I'm Richard

I grew up in the USA. I am a 100% totally disabled with many painful and chronic conditions, I am a christian and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a 59 year old extremely happily married Father, Grandfather and Great grandfather I am married to my sweet gift from God! My grandfather told us the Lord brought you two together. My wife loves the Lord, me and her fellowman. My wife is Precious and Adorable! I love visiting ever month with some dear widows and people that love God. I serve in church in the Sunday School. I love serving and helping the young men in Boy Scouts of America as a troop committee chair become God and fellowman loving and responsible fathers, husbands and good citizens. I am 100% disabled--I had Polio as a child. It became Post-Polio a while back. I have very brittle insulin dependent Diabetes I had LYME disease and an almost fatal heart attack. By the loving grace and Merciful kindness of our Heavenly Father and His only Begotten Son our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ, I am still here. Others have wondered, why are you still here. But the hospital worker came into my intensive care room where my wife had slept in a chair at my head for four days and said, "What is that feeling I feel in this room?" We knew it was the Holy Spirit of God. I love to share this wonderful story of this miracle of Mercy and Love from our Heavenly Father and His only Begotten Son, Jesus the Christ with as many as will let me.

Why I am a Mormon

I have read every page of the Bible and the Book of Mormon [and love the stories of Jesus] but I wanted a spiritual witness of God. I sincerely and with real intent asked God, “Is the Book of Mormon another Testimony of Jesus Christ truly from You?” “Is it another Witness of Jesus The Christ along with the Holy Bible?” “Are they one in the hand to testify to the world that Jesus is The Christ, the Only Begotten of The Father, that Christ Jesus alone suffered, bleed and died and atoned for the sins of those from every nation and Isle of the sea who will have faith in Him and His mighty Atonement and repent of their sins and bury the old man, the old ways and be born again, “alive in Christ”and have His Holy Spirit with him, and endure to the end?” After humbly asking, seeking and knocking for an answer for many days. I was reading 3 Nephi chapter 17 verses 23-25 about Christ in America, before He left to see the Lost 10 tribes of Israel. He was blessing the children, He said to their parents, “Be hold your little ones” at that instant I saw the whole scene before me. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I saw and shed many tears of grateful joy. I wanted to run outside and share what had just happened to me with the first person I met! It was very powerful and spiritual. I had actually seen Christ Jesus in America, blessing the children with the angels ministering to them surrounded by fire. I know the Book of Mormon is a true witness from our Father in Heaven of our loving and redeeming Savior. The powerfully revealing witness of God's Holy Spirit had clearly given to me my witness. Studying, pondering and praying concerning the testimonies of Him in the Old and New Testaments and the Book of Mormon another Testament of Jesus Christ. Help me love the Savior and our Heavenly Father more dearly. They are True, Real and Wonderful to me. I can still pause and ponder about this experience and I can see and feel it again. Praise and Honor be to His Holy Name.

How I live my faith

Knowing everything is the Lord's helps. I am happiest when I Love and Serve God and my fellowman--taking care of and watching over the widow and fatherless. Serving and helping lift the hand that is hanging down and strengthening the feeble knee It becomes easier to endure to the end with great joy by daily reading and studying the word of God from living and ancient prophets, Apostles, Seers and Revelators chosen by God like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses and later Peter, James, John and Paul. And now the gospel is restored by revelation through the boy prophet, Joseph Smith Jr a 14 year old, who wondered and had questions like me. When I got real sick years ago. I prayed to be healed, then in a while, to die. At times I seriously wanted to know; “Does God really care about me. Does he hear and answer my prayers?” I finally quieted myself and listened patiently, He answered me! When it is right. the Holy Spirit will cause a warm and serene burning in the heart and a quiet, pure and clear knowing will come to the mind. Be patient it will come like a whisper. It happens every time. I know it. I like James chapter1 verses 5-6, If you don't know, ask God in faith, nothing wavering. He will let you know. Before I ask my questions, I like to stop and think quietly about what I have read, studied and ask real questions, that I will do something with when He tells me. I enjoy being a Christian/Mormon and taking the name of Christ on me and to always remember Him, and to repent as quick as I can; so His Holy Spirit will be with me always. That peace and joy helps me keep going on hard days. Nothing is to hard for the Lord. You can do it knowing the Lord is with you . Ask Noah building a huge ark without blueprints or power tools. And Abraham and Sarah having Issac when they were both over 80. Knowing that keeps me getting up in the morning. Being a Mormon/Christian is great when you keep going and serve God and your fellowman.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

I adore my wife and look forward to being husband and wife with her after we die. I also look forward to having a grand reunion. I like family reunions they are wonderful occasions. God said fullness of joy and His peace is what awaits. Having that with my family would be wonderful. Richard Show more Show less