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Hi I'm Enrique Cano Carballar

I grew up in Spain, but I live in the UK, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi, I'm Enrique. I live in Suffolk, England, although I'm originally from Sevilla, Spain. I work in IT, and I'm the proud father of three daughters and prouder husband of a wonderful wife.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptised in 2007. When I got in contact with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I wasn't looking for answers, or a religion. I was handed a copy of the Book of Mormon, which I started to read because I trusted and loved the person who gave it to me. Soon I realised how important that book was to her, so I needed to know by myself what was all about. Initially I didn't want to see the Missionaries, I wanted to explore it on my own. But after some time, I saw that I was having more and more questions, which I couldn't answer on my own. I also started to go to Church, and started to feel good. Not sure what that feeling was, but the teachings made sense, and I was feeling good. The Missionaries answered my questions, but I had that fervent desire to know more, and more, and more! So I started to read more, and more, and more, to pray daily, to follow the Word of Wisdom. I now recognise that I had planted the seed of faith, which was essential to my conversion. Also, going to Church and feel what I now identify as the Spirit was key.

How I live my faith

In 2009 I was called to serve as a counsellor to my Bishop. As anyone that young in the Gospel, I felt very, very inadequate, but kept thinking that if the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies. As a counsellor, I tried my best to support my Bishop, and give him counsel, taking care of all the members in the Ward in the physical and spiritual needs. Among other things, we taught the youth, young men and young women, which were amazing! Nobody told me that two years later, in September 2011, I would be called as the Bishop! Serving as Bishop is helping me try my best to live as righteous as possible. I read the Scriptures every day, I pray every day, and often, and everywhere! I enjoy serving the members in the Ward, and I can feel the Lord's hand helping me serve in this calling.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Enrique Cano Carballar
An example that a friend of mine gave me to understand why authority is important. I apologise for it, for it is a bit "simple", but here it goes. Imagine you are driving over the speed limit with your new car (you shouldn't, it goes against the law!), and at some point, the milk man starts following you with his van, flashing his lights for you to stop. So you pull over, and the milk man comes to you and say: "Excuse me, I'll have to give you a ticket for speeding and three points on your driving licence". Can he do that? Well, he may physically be able to do it, but he, as a milk man, has not been authorised to put fines, so even though he has got the best intentions in the world, his ticket or fine will go nowhere, as it is not recognised by the Law. Likewise, if baptism has not been performed by the right authority, it won't be recognised by another Law (spiritual laws in this case), even though the intentions of those performing the baptism are good. Show more Show less