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Hi I'm Jessica

I was born and raised in Chile. I moved to the U.S., married a handsome man and we have three kids. I'm a mormon.

About Me

I'm a mom and I consider that to be the most important calling I can have. Just to be called mom by my beautiful children is a privilege. Sometimes staying at home is hard, but I know it's the best thing I can do right now for my kids. I got married at a young age and it was a complete disaster. The guy was abusive to me and thankfully, that nightmare ended in divorce. From that marriage I had a daughter, and she is a beautiful young woman now. I got baptized mormon when I was 17 years old and I was the first and only member of my family. As with many, I became inactive after a while. Ten years passed with a lot of pain,hurt and bad choices behind my back but the only blessing in my life at that point was my daughter and she wanted to know Jesus. It was December of 2003 and my daughter and I decided to go for the walk that would change our lives forever. In a few words, we found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that night and a year and a half after that day I received my endowment in the temple. I became best friends with the missionary who taught me the gospel 14 years earlier in Chile. We started talking online a year before, but two months before my endowment we started dating, fell in love and on the day of my endowment he asked me to marry him. He baptized my daughter exactly a month before our wedding and we got married in Manti temple and got sealed to our daughter. Today, seven years later, we have two beautiful boys in addition to our family.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a mormon because I believe that the church of Jesus Christ have the fullness of the Gospel I got baptized because I knew the first vision of Joseph Smith happened and I can't denied Everytime I finish the book of Mormon I know was a inspired book to help us right now with our modern challenges. I just remenber my life without the Gospel that feeling of emptyness I had for years. I remenber how I felt everytime I did what I supposed to do and remenber also instances when the holy spirit talk to me and didnt obey and those beautiful times when I did obey. I remenber a really cool story when i just came back to church I was a single mother working as a Sushi chef from 10 to 10 tuesday trough sunday I wanted so much to take my daughter to church but I worked at that time. But luckily I got my lunch right at the time of the sacrament so I drove there to receive the bread and water outside in the foyer. I read the book of Mormon everyday in my lunch time I start to pray that I could find a job that i wouldnt work on Sunday so I could take my daughter to church with me. And for the next month something incredible start happening nobody enter the restaurant the next 3 or 4 weeks on Sunday and my boss the owner of the restaurant she told us the next month Jessica you will have to work on mondays because we are closing every sunday from now on that was a wonderful day in my life since then I could take my daughter to church with me. As that miracle happened I have had many other big and little ones but all as important for me. I dont have a perfect knowledge of the scriptures or of the doctrine of the Church but I know Im in the right path to come back to my father in heaven one day and tell him that I did my best and thank him for the good and bad experiences so I could be polished in this life to be ready to live with him. Thats why I'm a mormon because the church and the doctrine helped me to apply the atonement of Jesuschrist in me and he wash me and made me clean.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by sharing the Gospel with others and serving others,whenever I can,I go to serve in the Missionary Training Center in Provo with the kids that are going to Spanish speaking missions. Is fun I usually go with my kids so they can feel like they are serving in the community and they can feel the same love I have for the missionary work and hopefully one day they decide to serve a full time mission. Any time I have the opportunity I share my believes with my friends and extended family and even with people that I dont know because I want for them that peace and happiness that comes from God. I can actually say that I love the book of mormon is almost a magical book when we take the time to read it everyday. We can feel the power of the words contain in the book, our lives go better even though the challenges are still there. I relate with so many stories and words full of wisdom that we can apply in todays world. I love the family home evening we usually do it in Monday evenings and sometimes we read a story of the bible or the book of Mormon, is a good time to talk about what is going on with each of us, sometimes we talk about helping around the house, etc. Another times we watch a movie or do something fun. The favorite part is singing the beautiful himns and eating the treats. My parents came to visit me in 2007 from Chile and even when they weren't Mormons at the time they love the family home evening night.They decided to go to the church with us every sunday even when they couldnt understannd a word. After a month they start receiving the Gospel lesson and they got baptized in 2009 they sealed in the Santiago de Chile Temple and I sealed to them that was a joyous moment for all of us. Now I have a better understanding of heavenly father work here on earth I know now that sometimes our example said more than what any word can.