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Hi I'm Sean Williams

I live in and love Montana. I have a family of 3. I am a convert to the church and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 28 years old. I have a college degree in Graphic Design but I am currently working as and engineer for an aerospace company. I was raised catholic until I joined the LDS church in 2005. My parents and much of my family are still catholic. I know that the religious knowledge that I received from my parents and others in the catholic church, prepared me for what LDS missionaries taught me. I am so grateful to my parents for they way they raised me. I am almost a first time dad. I am a bit nervous but mostly very excited. I love taking pictures and doing design work still and hope to get back to the west. I love the outdoors.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised by wonderful parents who are Catholic. I attended Catholic school from K-8. However, as I got older I had many questions about life and religion that I could not answer. As I looked around at the world in which we live I noticed so many people using the Bible as the basis of their beliefs and so many of them seemed corrupt and contradictory of each other. It was one persons interpretation over another's. By the time I was a junior in college I have to say my life all and all was pretty good. I felt though that something was missing. I was coming close to being done with school but didn't feel that my life was going to be full. For so much of my life it was emphasized that I needed a good education so I could get a good job. Now that I was getting a good education I was going to need to be getting a job. I realized then that I had no idea of any other purpose it seemed once I got a job I would work until I retired and then I would die some day. I felt depressed much of the time. I thought often about why I was here on this earth. I believed in God I believed less and less in the Bible as the perfect word of God. But I decided one day to try and go back to church somewhere. I had many friends that attended a non-denominational church in my town. I started to go every Sunday and attend their college age activities during the week. After doing this for some time I didn't feel any better and I didn't feel the way I thought I should at "church" so I stopped going. One day in December of 2004 I was working at the local mall taking pictures of kids with Santa. As I was getting ready that day, someone who I had attended High School with and was aquatinted with came in to work at a Kiosk. I realized it had been about a year and half since I had last seen her. As I was single at the time I decided I should ask her out. We went on a date and then a few days later my Grandmother passed away. It was after Christmas before I called her back. She invited me to her parents house to play games and eat dinner. We started a relationship. By this time I had discovered that she was a "Mormon." I started thinking to myself, that's a church that I haven't been to. I was taught by my parents that it is not polite to invite yourself places. So I devised a plan. I was driving her home one day and I took the road that went right by her church. I started talking about how I had been to many churches and asked her questions about her church. "What is it like inside?" "Are there are a lot of members?" "What are the services like?" Finally she invited me to attend church that Sunday. It was the first Sunday of 2005 and I haven't missed but one Sunday since then. After attending 3 Sunday's I started to meet with the missionaries at my friends house. After hearing all the lessons and having read in the Book of Mormon I as asked to be Baptized. I of course declined, yes declined. I felt that I hadn't considered that decision closely enough. I figured if I was going to commit to that I had better know for sure what I was doing. Sot then a few days later I went on a drive by myself as I sometimes do to think. And as I was driving the thought came to me "You know the Church is true, you are going to continue to go to church, and you know that Joseph Smith is a prophet." That was it, no angels. But that is when I knew that I knew the church was true and that Baptism was my next step. What a wonderful step it was. I was baptized March 19, 2005 and confirmed a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints the following day.

How I live my faith

After I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2005 I served a 2 year mission in the Philippines where I learned the language of Tagalog. When I completed my mrission in 2008 I returned home to Montana but to a new town. I met my beautiful wife at a small church conference in Lovell WY. My job sent me to Connecticut shortly after we started dating. Despite the long distance we were married in the Billings MT temple for time and all eternity not until death do us part, in 2009. We have a beautiful family. We have moved several times in our young families life. I have served in many callings (responsibilities you are asked to fill within the local congregation) I am currently assisting two other men to look after all the members of our congregation. We make sure their physical and spiritual needs are met. I was also blessed to serve as a Scout leader for 11 year old boys. I loved this calling. It was so wonderful to work with the youth. To help develop great leaders for the future.

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Sean Williams
God commanded us to donate 10% of our increase to His church. God is God and he does not need money. If this commandment was only about money He would just tell His living prophet where much gold or oil is. No this commandment is not about money but about sacrifice and remembrance. God wishes to bless us here on this earth. We must also remember that God gives us everything we have, or in other words all that we have is God's and He lets us use it for our good. As we give back only 10% of what He has given us we are blessed in so many ways they can not be counted. Tithing allows the members of Christ's church to have temples to perform life saving ordinances. It makes it possible for us to have the temporal things that allow us to enjoy the spiritual, more important things in this world. Tithing is a joy to pay. Show more Show less