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Hi I'm Adelle

I was raised in the gospel in NZ. I'm living in Australia now still active.

About Me

I am of NZ Maori descent & have many hobbies & interests vayring from sign language, cooking, art, graphic design, dancing, kapahaka, aerobics, tennis, cake decorating, & I also enjoy learning new things. I was married in the Hamilton NZ Temple. I have finished studying a few different college degrees & certificates. While being happily married & raising a family, I am working in Australia at this present time.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have prayed about the church & its gospel teachings, & through withness of the Holy Spirit, I have come to know the truth for myself. There is a difference between 'believing' the truth, & 'knowing' the truth (full details of my conversion story are mentioned further below) I have a testimony of this gospel. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on earth as it contains the fulness of the gospel - not just part truths. I know that Jesus Christ is our Saviour & Redeemer. I know that the Atonement is real & through daily repentance & direction from the Spirit, I can be cleansed & be made worthy to return back to live with our Father in Heaven again. I know that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God. It is Another Testament of Jesus Christ, & I know that the Bible, the Old & New Testaments are the true word of God as far as it is translated correctly. I know that President Monson this day is a true living prophet, & is the mouthpiece for us during these latter-days, head of the church on behalf of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I know that the priesthood is the true power of God used to administer in the ordinances of the living church today. I'm grateful to be married & sealed to my husband & family for eternities. I know that families can be together forever. I know that the Holy Spirit is real as he is the messenger between ourselves & our Father in Heaven to bless us with revelation, comfort, guidance & direction, etc. I know that prayers can always been answered. Answers are waiting for us - we just need to ask the questions. I'm grateful for temples that we have all around the world to do work for both the living & the dead. I have a testimony of Family History & missionary work as EVERYONE deserves an opportunity to be blessed with the gospel, both those living today, & those who have passed on & missed opportunities during their earthly ministry. Heavenly Father loves all His children & has provided a way for all of us to receive an opportunity to accept or the gospel or not. I love my Father in Heaven & look forward to the day when our Saviour comes again. I leave my testimony with yourselves, encouraging those who have not done so already, to go to our Father in Heaven & pray & find out the truth for yourselves. These are my words in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith in all areas of my life. Provident living that the gospel teaches affects our well-being in all areas - spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, educational, economics, etc. But what I've learnt the most is the importance of keeping to the basics & having the spirit & gospel strong in the home. As I do art as a profession, having art portraits of the Saviour, the temple, & President Monson (our living prophet at this present time), along with other church portraits - they all remind our family to live in accordance with gospel principles. Currently teaching in primary & being a 'Faith in God' (older childrens activity group) leader, the children have truly been helping me to understand what it means more to be like them - to be as a child in terms of their innocence & humility. Daily scripture study, prayers, & constant personal revelation gives me the daily direction & reassurance needed in life. I learnt a long time ago, the true importance of being a doer of the word, not just a hearer only. Hence the reason why I know that when seeking personal revelation, I need to always be worthy & ready to act upon all instructions given by the Lord.

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Donating 10% of our income, known as 'Tithing' is a commandment from our Heavenly Father. Like all other commandments, it's a test of obedience & sacrifice. It has been a commandment since the creation of Adam. I understand this commandment this way - EVERYTHING in this life & world belongs to God. He is only asking for 10% of His belongings, our income, to be given to the Church. He allows us to keep the remaining 90%. It is also important 'how' we fulfill this commandment & duty. I believe Heavenly Father isn't necessarily concerned about who pays the most tithing, but He looks upon our hearts as to how willing & earnest we are able to perform this duty - the same with all other commandments. Show more Show less

Who is the Mormon prophet today?

Prophets are chosen servants & leaders of the church on behalf of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Since the church was restored in 1830 there has always been a living prophet on earth to lead & direct the church. Our living prophet today is President Thomas S Monson. He is a chosen leader who holds the keys of authority to direct the church during these latter-days. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

No we do not 'worship' Joseph Smith. We sustain him as the true prophet who restored the gospel back onto the earth. But he is not God, not the main worship of our religion. Typically he is spoken of much in our religion because he performed a lot of necessary work which is highly beneficial for us during these days today. For example, Heavenly Father called him to restore the church again after the dark ages when it was removed for a while. Through him, he was blessed with the keys of authority to bring back into operation the church that basically existed when Jesus Christ was on this earth. And since he restored the church back to earth with all necessary keys handed down to him, there has always been a prophet (chosen of God with the true keys of authority) to lead the church since it was restored in 1830. Show more Show less