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Hi I'm Miya

I'm a single mom, I'm fun-loving, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Let's see... I'm 43 and I have a daughter who is 18. I currently reside in Utah, although I was raised in Tempe, Az. Go Suns!!! I have been divorced 18 years and of late, the single thing is wearing on me. Go figure, after all these years. I have a Masters in psychology, and I'm working on my PhD. I've done a lot of traveling, and some of my favorite spots on this earth include New Zealand, the Caymans, and Amsterdam. I enjoy reading history, medical thrillers, self-help books, board games, dining, rain/thunderstorms, pampered camping gotta have showers, friendly debates, gospel discussions, beaches, swimming, visiting with old friends and candlelight.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the LDS church, but I was not converted until my mid-thirties. I had previously taken the gospel for granted, but my Father in Heaven didn't give up on me. When I stopped listening altogether, he withdrew and my life became a disaster. When I couldn't take anymore, I dropped to my knees and pled with Him for reconciliation. Within a few months, peace began to slowly settle into my heart. Repentance was difficult, but the peace I feel on a daily basis far outweighs the short term discomfort. I am a Mormon today because I know that this gospel is His gospel. It is complete. It is whole. It answers all of my questions, especially those regarding where I'm from, and where I'm going when I leave mortality. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain high standards, but here's how I see it. I'm here on earth for maybe 80-90 years. 90 years tops with my health! Wherever I'm going, I'll be there for a lot longer! My spirit will live forever, and through my choices here on earth, I get to choose where forever is going to be spent. I am a Mormon and I keep the commandments because I want to live with my Heavenly Father again. I want to live with saints who are loving and kind to me, and accept me as I am. Finally, I want to continue to be a mother/daughter/sister even after I leave mortality. I want those relationships to continue. My covenants in the LDS church promise me that if I am faithful, I will continue to have those relationships forever.

How I live my faith

Formally, I serve as a Visiting Teaching Supervisor, and I'm on a letter-writing Visiting Teaching Route. As a Visiting Teacher, I visit sisters or write letters to sisters in my area, and I leave a gospel message whilst checking to see if they have any unmet needs. I'm also serving as the Sunday School Secretary. This means that I make sure attendance is taken in all of the Sunday School classes. Informally, I try to rely on inspiration for ideas on how I can live my life in harmony with Father in Heaven. Each morning I pray that He will lead me to those who can benefit from my help. I try to look for opportunities to serve others as well. Sometimes that means texting or calling a friend who is struggling, or working for a friend so she can have more time to spend running errands or with family. It might mean something as small as picking up trash in my neighborhood while I walk/workout. I try to pray throughout the day, while I drive or do the dishes. If I'm struggling with something in particular (like motivation), I pray 'continually' during the day until I get the particular task done. I attend my meetings on Sunday which for me can be a struggle. My attention span is lacking. I try to keep the Sabbath day holy too, by avoiding shopping, dining out, watching movies, etc. Instead, I listen to uplifting music, I seek people out who might need my help, and I visit with friends and family or read good books. I try to see the good in others. I try to have a forgiving heart so that when I am offended, I recover quickly. I smile at people I pass in the store or on the street or at the gym, even if it's uncomfortable. When I run into tough situations, I try to imagine how Christ would have handled a similar situation. I don't always live up to what I believe He would do, but I'm getting better at it.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

No, they do not. We revere Joseph Smith as the prophet who restored the gospel of Jesus Christ in this dispensation. However, we reserve our worship for God and His son, Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Absolutely. In today's world, we are especially in need of a prophet like Moses. I believe that God is a God of perfect order. Chaos isn't His style. With a prophet as God's chosen representative, we need not fear or question what the Lord asks us to do. We are entitled to and expected to receive our own personal revelation, especially regarding each prophet who is called to serve us. I don't think god wants blind sheep who merely process what they're told without gaining their own testimony about a particular commandment or request from a prophet. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Your Father in Heaven waits anxiously for you to ask Him this question! You can know that it is true by following some simple steps. You must first study the Book of Mormon, which testifies of of the truthfulness of the gospel. You must pray with 'real intent'. This means that you must pray sincerely, planning to act upon the answer given to you. I know some people who have prayed to know the truthfulness of the gospel, whilst confessing that they would 'never become a Mormon' no matter what. Those prayers go unanswered. If you pray with real intent, practice patience and study the Book of Mormon regularly, your answer will come. You will know, and chances are you'll experience a peace and joy in your heart that I can't begin to describe. You'll never forget the experience. Show more Show less