What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Curtis

I'm a student, studying how to improve online and higher education. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I teach writing at a local university. I am also working on a graduate degree in instructional design and technology. My wife and I enjoy reading, fishing, hiking, camping, and playing games.

Why I am a Mormon

My family has been members of the church for generations. That doesn't mean that I haven't had to decide for myself what I believe and what I will follow. My commitment to the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ has come through the accumulation of many little experiences. I know by experience that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the plan of happiness God has for us. As Christ has said, by the fruits of something we shall come to know of its truth. God's commandments aren't always easy to follow, especially in the days we live, but I have found them to be the sure way to secure real peace and happiness in life. I have also found that the atonement of Jesus Christ makes it possible to truly live the gospel and experience the joys from doing so. I have also come to know the truth of Christ's gospel through personal prayer. Joseph Smith, a prophet of our church, learned that a person could ask of God and that God would answer. By prayer I have come to know that Jesus Christ lives, that He has died for my sins, and that there is a prophet on the earth, chosen by God, who receives revelation to guide us. The knowledge and faith that God has given me of these things helps me to joyfully and peacefully live in a world that has its fair share of pain, disappointments, confusion, and sorrow. I account this testimony of my greatest treasures in life.

How I live my faith

Day to day religion for me is family and personal prayer and scripture study. Praying and studying the scriptures helps us to remember God and the good things He does for us and our loved ones. My calling in church is to teach the gospel and befriend a group of youth in our local church unit.

Does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints endorse political parties?

The Mormon Church does not endorse political parties. Church members are encouraged to be active in the political process and to support wise and competent political officers and candidates. We are frequently reminded that there are things of value in many political parties, and that we should respect the opinions and values of all people. In short, Mormons come from many different political backgrounds. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

Have you ever had the experience of wanting to get something at the store, but can't find it anywhere close by or online? And then a friend informs you that what you are looking for is at a store near them, that they'll buy it for you and ship it to you? That's like proxy baptisms to me. It's providing people who have passed on with a blessing that they can't obtain for themselves. God has commanded us to be baptized, but many, for whatever reason, have missed the opportunity to do so in this earth life. Those of us living can be baptized on their behalf. Just as I would pay my friend to have the item I have been searching for, so must those who have died do something to make the baptism theirs: accept the proxy baptism and all it represents. I am grateful for this blessing. It shows the justice and mercy of God. It would be unfair, for instance, for a little child who died shortly after birth to miss out on salvation because the child wasn't able to be baptized. Through proxy baptism, those who have not had the chance to keep His commandments may still have eternal life. Show more Show less

What is the First Vision?

Many think that our church started when Joseph Smith received the Book of Mormon from the angel, Moroni. While this is an important part of our history, our most important beginning is the First Vision. When Joseph Smith was young, he came in contact with many churches. Each taught that membership and participation in their congregations was important to their salvation. Joseph noticed that the churches all taught conflicting things, even though they all professed to have the Bible as their foundation. Joseph wanted to know who was right, and what he should do to be saved. As Joseph read the Bible, he found a passage that explained that if a person needed wisdom, that person should ask God, and God would give (James 1:5). Joseph knew this was the answer to his dilemma. Joseph went to a forest near his home where he could be alone, and prayed to God to help him know which church was right and what he should do. In answer to that prayer, God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, appeared to Joseph Smith. They told him that the true church of Jesus Christ had been lost from the earth because of great wickedness and unbelief. But the time had come for His church to be restored to prepare those who would listen and obey for the last days and the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. Joseph was called to help bring this work about, like Moses of the Old Testament. This vision is called the First Vision, an event that led to the restoration of Christ's church in our times. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

I wouldn't say that my life is super out-of-the-ordinary. I work and go to school. Church is definitely an important part of my life. We have church meetings on Sundays where we worship together, hear messages and testimonies prepared by other speakers, and participate in gospel lessons. I teach a class with my wife on the scriptures to a group of youth in my area. I spend a little time each day reading from the scriptures and preparing for my lesson each week. Reading the scriptures every day is important to me--it helps me feel closer to God and come to know how He would have me live. Prayer is an important part of each day--personal prayer, family prayer, prayers over our meals. Spending time with family is also important. We have a family home evening each week where we share a short gospel message as a family, play some games, and have a treat. Serving your family and serving as a family is important. We do household chores together, do service projects at the church together, help each other with things we are working on. Really, I feel the gospel helps us find joy as a family. It teaches us to serve one another, forgive, be kind, and have love--the major ingredients to a happy and peaceful home. I would say family is our lifestyle and that we work each day to improve it. In an eternal nature, living the gospel helps us be prepared to live a happy and peaceful life with God, our Heavenly Father. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

For me, the greatest evidence that there is a God is answers to prayer. Prayer has been a real line of communication with God. By asking for help, I have received direction, comfort, understanding, and miracles to bless my life. At times, I have been so amazed at how personal and direct the answers have been. I remember one time feeling very low. I prayed for help to feel better. As I prayed, I felt that my prayer was going no where and to no one. But then, the words of a song came to my mind that immediately brought feelings of peace, assurance, and love. God's answers may seem simple, but they come! And I am grateful for them. Show more Show less