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Hi I'm Sean

I'm a philosopher, physicist, patent attorney, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband and father. I am also a patent attorney. My original plan was to become a theoretical physicist, but God led me in other paths. One of my greatest interests is language learning. I have studied Latin, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. I also enjoy computer programing from time to time. I enjoy engaging in athletic activities, especially soccer. If I wasn't so busy with work and spending time with my family, I would also spend time writing poetry and contemplating the meaning of life. Despite my many interests, I've found that the greatest joy in life is having a family. When my first child was born, I was overcome with joy. I could hardly speak. I felt such love for her. I believe that love came from God. We have a Christ centered home where we participate in daily scripture study and prayer as a family. I believe that following Jesus' teachings leads to the greater happiness in the home.

Why I am a Mormon

There are many reasons why I am a mormon. As a child, I was raised in several different churches. I spent some time at unitarian, quaker, and methodist churches. Eventually, I became an agnostic. Around my senior year of high school I came in contact with a mormon family. I found them fascinating because they were genuinely kind and selfless in a way I had previously not seen displayed in humanity. Around the same time of my life, I became much more open minded about truth, especially, about how it could be found. As I was sitting in a quantum physics lecture one day, I suddenly had an epiphany about the limitations of science as a means for discovering truth. Besides its flaws, often circular nature, and many unchallenged assumptions, I realized that science couldn't answer many basic questions--for example, why do I exist? Why do I experience suffering for no fault of my own? Thus, I decided to try a different approach to truth--prayer. Regularly kneeling in prayer for the first time in my life, I began asking God if he existed. Unexpectedly, I received a clear, undeniable answer from God, in which He communicated to my mind that He exists, loves me, created me, had always been watching over me, and will continue to be with me. The answer was clear and perceptible in my mind, but I felt its truth resonate deeply in my heart in an undeniable way. I could sooner deny my own existence and all the laws of physics than to deny what I heard and felt. Indeed, I discovered that prayer is an unexpectedly powerful means for discovering truth. After this experience, I had many experiences with prayer. For example, I obtained confirmation directly from God that the Book of Mormon is a true record brought forth to help us connect with God. I discovered that this church was actually established by God himself, and he -- not anyone else -- convinced me to join. Since that time, I have received guidance from a loving God in heaven on a regular basis.

How I live my faith

Living by faith is kind of like each day waking up and finding a bread crumb trail of truth and guidance from God. You have to trust, personally trust, God himself. He is like the ultimate chess master (except with social skills). It seems like no matter what I do, He finds a way to challenge me to the utmost of my abilities and inspire me to become someone much greater than I ever imagined I could become. This all sounds kind of "fluffy" and metaphorical. The key to understanding faith is realizing that some things cannot be learned without faith. Even science involves faith. For example, the scientific method starts with a "hypothesis" -- an idea that you are willing to test. You can only prove the hypothesis by assuming its true for the sake of an experiment. So what I am trying say is that I have been performing a series of experiments for the last ten years on the doctrine taught by this church. The results are fascinating. I am becoming strangely kind, unexpectedly courageous, and passionately curious about every truth. One thing I never expected to learn is that humanity itself is so incredibly beautiful. I still have a lot to learn, but thats ok because the greatest tangible result of this experiment is a lively, personal, and meaningful relationship with God. The church is unique in that it gives its church members ways to constantly grow and change in positive ways in ways that require ongoing guidance from God. Right now, for example, I am a sunday school teacher. I teach people from all walks of life with all different levels of education. I have no idea what they are going through most of the time. So I need inspiration from God when I teach. I often find that while I am teaching, I receive guidance to say or do something different than I planned. I know that this is God helping me to respond to the needs of his children, whom he loves. I invite you to try the experiment of faith. You will find that what I have said is true.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

I know that Jesus Christ was the son of God and that He died for our sins and overcame death. I have felt his comfort and personal ministry to me. Some people don't really understand or believe in sin. Let me try to explain it. Sin is an action that creates an inequality in society. It gives someone something they are not entitled to have, and should not have, or it is a kind of physical or emotional violence that harms another person. Often it causes great suffering against those whom the sin is perpetrated against. We needed something to restore the balance of inequality that is created by sin. Thus, Jesus took on the pain and suffering felt by each of us and caused by each of us - he received whatever punishment, pain and performed whatever action that needed to be done to restore the balance. As I've trusted in God and tried to seek His commandments, He has taught more about Jesus Christ. I know that as we follow the commandments laid out in the scriptures that we will find personal healing for those sins committed against us and those we've committed against others. The healing power of the Atonement far surpasses anything I've ever experienced - you will be restored and made as if nothing bad ever happened. Show more Show less