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Hi I'm Becky Pitcher

I'm a reader, writer, picture-taker. Wife to an artist, mother to three crazy boys. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Becky Pitcher. I am a homeschooling, book reading, quilt making mother of three boys. I grew up in the prairie and lake-land of Minnesota, but am raising my boys in the mountains of Utah. I come from a long-line of creative women and find myself filling my days with art projects and poetry, and my heart just melts into a big puddle when my little boys ask if we can just snuggle and read for a few hours. (The answer to that, of course, is ALWAYS yes!) I am married to my handsome best friend, Travis- who travels around the world making documentary films for non-profits and social entrepreneurs. He's a sappy bleeding heart artist and secretly quite sentimental. We have a quiet life in our little house in the big mountains. It is imperfect and messy, but filled with happiness and love.

Why I am a Mormon

The truth is, I am a Mormon because it makes me feel safe. I love having comfort during heartbreak. I love feeling that God has a plan for me when my life seems out of control. The gospel of Christ gives me the security and peace that I want when the world seems too harsh or too cruel. My faith helps me as a wife, when I am frustrated with my husband, when I feel selfish or don't want to forgive him for unkind words or thoughtless actions. My faith helps me when I teach my children, and I want them to understand that we should be kind to others- not just because "Mom said so," but because it is right and God expects us to love all of His children. But most of all, my faith helps me when I am struggling, confused, unkind, hurt, heartbroken, or scared- the love of my Heavenly Father picks me up and helps me to feel strong in the face of adversity. I am a Mormon because God has repeatedly comforted me when I needed comfort, and given me peace when I was heartsick.

How I live my faith

I am trying to live my life in a way that pleases my Heavenly Father- and I know that doing so will ultimately make me happier, too. So my family is trying to live simply and quietly. We make books, snuggling, homemade cookies and family hikes priorities in our every day. We try to remember to pray and read our scriptures and teach our children how to be kind. My husband works hard to provide for our family, which allows me to stay home with my children- for which I am forever grateful. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the thought that I have three little boys to raise and teach and that I am responsible for making sure that they know right from wrong and how to be kind and truthful. But I also love it- maybe not every second, but at least most of the time! I love teaching my children the simple truths about God, Jesus, prayer, love, families, and our beautiful earth. Teaching my children always helps me realign myself with what I know is right. The gospel isn't complicated, it's simple! And being with my babies always reminds me of that. On Sundays, I am able to act as a teacher- which gives me a chance to talk about the many beautiful facets of this faith that I love so much. I get to study the scriptures and lead discussions with the neighbors that form our congregation.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Becky Pitcher
Being happy! Of course we have difficulties (and sometimes they never seem to end), but we believe that God put us on this earth to learn everything we can, especially what it means to feel joy. We know you can find such joy through close family relationships (especially through your husband or wife), through serving others and being selfless, and by learning all we can about the gospel of Christ. And then when death, poverty, pain or other troubles come we have God to lean back on, and help us through, so we can be happy even when bad things happen to us. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Becky Pitcher
Being a member of the church isn't that different from being outside of the church. We still hang out with friends, eat pizza, go dancing, watch movies and use facebook. But I think the biggest differences concerns our friends and family. We tend to have very close family relations and, because the LDS church is established all over the world, you have a support network where ever you go. There are always new friends waiting to take you in. It's hard to feel alone in the Church, even if you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend or a large family. Show more Show less