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Hi I'm Robb

I'm a father of 7, had a daughter who died of anencephaly, love to hike & cycle, and sing. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a 2nd generation Latter-Day Saint & MPA grad. My wife & I are parents of six children--two adopted and four biological, and are licensed foster parents. I love to cycle, hike, garden, cook, and tease my wife & kids. Honestly, I don't do much that doesn't directly involve my family. We go on trips, hikes, dinners, movies, cycling, sports etc. Besides the occasional date with my wife, and work, I've almost always got one or more kid in tow, by choice. My son follows me out when I do yard work and we talk. I throw the football or shoot hoops with my boys. I take my girls on bike rides or swimming, or running errands. My wife and I recently celebrated the birth, and mourned the passing of our fifth child. She courageously lived 107 minutes after birth. I am truly grateful for her influence and membership in our family. She was diagnosed with anencephaly 3 1/2 months prior to her birth. Terminating labor did not feel right. We knew we would not have her with us long, and cherished the ensuing weeks and months while she lived. Her life, although brief, has provided a unique and meaningful time of bonding, mourning, and spirituality for our family. Our faith in Christ and God’s plan and have been deepened, strengthened, and renewed because of her. I've shared my cherished experiences with my angel daughter here: http://myangelprincess.blogspot.com/

Why I am a Mormon

My mother met Mormon missionaries and was baptized in England. Her parents supported her decision and welcomed missionaries into their home many times. Mom eventually joined the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and toured many parts of the world. I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I've always believed. From a child it has been easy for me to do so. I suppose that is why Jesus referred to little children when he said, "For such is the kingdom of heaven." It was a beautiful way to grow up, having faith. I experienced the normal questioning and searching in my later years. I needed to learn from my own experiences, rather than others'. Living the gospel, more than studying it alone, confirms to me each day that it is true. There was no epiphany--no single moment of truth. I remember reading the Book of Mormon, hoping to find some such answer. The words were difficult to understand at times. I first expected fast answers. The more I read, the more I recognized the still small voice of the Spirit speaking, testifying to me of the truth. Serving a mission for the church initiated a spiritual awakening in me that has been a guiding force ever since. Today, I seek that same renewal every day from the scriptures. I know it is true. Joseph Smith is a prophet. I have had more experiences than I can recount confirming that fact. I know that God has called a prophet today--Thomas S. Monson. I renewed that knowledge in a most profound yet private confirmation in 2008. It was at the time we, as worldwide church members sustained him as a "prophet, seer, and revelator" by a unified raise of hand. The Spirit manifested to me in undeniable terms that he was a prophet of the Living God. God answers our prayers--all of them--in His own way and time for our good.

How I live my faith

At home, it means demonstrating patience and love when I don't feel like it. It means holding family prayer and scripture study amidst the bedlam of little kids. It means putting family first, even when it means putting off other demands or hobbies. I take turns taking one of my kids on a daddy date most weekends. We have a great time, but I think the real payoff will be in the years to come. Living the gospel in the home is some of the hardest, most rewarding work true discipleship has to offer. This summer I've organized a 5k & a church kickball league, and am coaching flag football for my son this fall. In the church, I teach a class of teenagers every Sunday, sing in the choir, organize sports activities, and keep ministry records for my fellow high priests. Besides Sunday worship services, I attend the temple each Tuesday. All of this is voluntary & I love doing it.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Yes! That is one of the exciting tenants of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are led by a living prophet. Just as Moses led the children of Israel out of bondage, through the wilderness and to the promised land, living prophets today lead God's children through away from the bondage of sin, addiction, broken families and lives, through the wilderness of confusion, despair, and falsehood, and to the promised land of faith in God, forgiveness and peace through Jesus Christ, forever families, and hope in the future. Moses smote the rock and waters gushed forth, saving Israel from death in the wilderness. Today prophets of God lead his children to Jesus Christ, the living fountain of all truth. Moses erected a brazen serpent to save the people who had been bitten by poisonous serpents if they would just look at it. Living prophets today show us the way to eternal life through Jesus Christ. Their greatest miracles are usually worked through quiet ministering, not published before the world. They pass the test given by Jesus "by their fruits ye shall know them." The living prophets that lead the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints bear good fruits by their lives and their teachings. I have studied their lives. I have studied their teachings again and again. I have met some of them. I have no doubt, no question that they are true prophets bearing good fruit. The Holy Spirit confirms their words. I am better because of them. Their teachings and lives pass the test. Show more Show less

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

There are no restrictions based upon race or color concerning who can join the Mormon Church and have the priesthood. I am of African-American decent. I am a High Priest in the church--a holder of the priesthood. I have served a mission for the church, married in a Mormon temple, and continue to worship regularly in the temple. A ban priesthood service, which limited the priesthood to those not of African decent, was lifted in 1978 by then-Church President Spencer W. Kimball, after much prayer and fasting related to the subject. Although some have criticized the church for the ban, I find it consistent with the scriptures. In Moses' time, the priesthood was restricted to only one of the twelve tribes (Levi) of ancient Israel. In Peter's day, the apostles did not preach the gospel to the Gentiles--until Peter received a vision instructing him that the gospel should then be taken to everyone. Restrictions then and now may not be easily or completely understood, but who can understand all of God's ways? I am content to leave it in the hands of my Creator. Show more Show less