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Hi I'm Karolina

I'm a Mormon. I was born in Poland and moved to Canada when I was 11. When I was 14 my family and I joined the church.

About Me

What I love the most is spending time with my family and friends. I love to laugh, learn and do fun and creative things. I have a degree in history and sociology, so those are definitely one of my big interests. I just love learning about people and how they live and interact with one another. I'm also kind of a political nerd. I just really love watching the news and knowing what's going on in the world around me. I served a mission for the church in Manchester, England. It was one of the most difficult and yet most rewarding times of my life. I was able to meet so many wonderful people whom I love so dearly. Some of them joined the church, and I could see the happiness that the gospel brought into their lives. Since my mission I have finished university and am now working for the federal government in the statistics department. I wouldn't say I'm passionate about my job, but I do like it. I still haven't really figured out what my dream job would be. Once I do, hopefully I'll be able to pursue it.

Why I am a Mormon

When the missionaries started teaching my family all of this seemed so vastly different and unfamiliar to me. I was born in Poland, and almost everyone there is Catholic. I really appreciate my Catholic background and everything it has taught me, but even at the young age of 14 I felt it was missing something. I went to a Catholic School and one day in religion class we were learning about the end of the world. My teacher didn't explain things clearly to us, and I was left confused. I remember walking home that day and sobbing because if God supposedly loved us, why would he create us only to destroy us. Therefore everything just ceasing to exist after "the end of the world" just didn't make sense to me. A couple of years later when the missionaries taught my family and I about the Plan of Salvation, which is basically God's plan for us for what happens after death, everything started falling into place and I understood. I knew that God loved all of His children and he has given us an opportunity through His Son Jesus Christ to repent of our sins and go to live with him in heaven. Mormons call heaven the Celestial Kingdom, and it is a place where people can live in happiness with God and Jesus Christ and their families. All of that sounded so wonderful to me, because I love my family to bits. But that was not all, it also "felt" good in my heart and I started believing that there's truth in it. The more the missionaries taught me about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon the more I came to accept what they taught. After a few short weeks I was baptized along with my mom and dad. My sister and brother (who was born later on) were baptized when they were old enough. I wouldn't say that I live a blissful life with no worries or challenges, but joining the church has made me very happy. My relationship with God has grown. He is more on my mind now, and I can turn to him in prayer whenever I may need him, and I'm very grateful for that.

How I live my faith

I go to church every Sunday, but that isn't all. My faith in God influences all of my daily actions as well. I wouldn't say that I'm perfect at everything I do, but each day I try to be a good person and live the teachings of Jesus Christ. Of course I often fall short of that, but Jesus has taught us to try and try again. At church I am a Sunday School Teacher. I have had that calling on and off for the last 12 years. This time around I have been teaching a class for those preparing to go to the Temple. It's usually for young brides and grooms to be, or those who are planning on serving a mission. It has been a lot of fun, and I have made many friends through this. Before that I was the 1st Councilor (like a vice-president) in the church's women's organization called the Relief Society. I absolutely loved having that calling. I loved those girls so dearly and I was able to learn so many great lessons from those girls and while interacting with those girls. In our church we also having many many many activities and social gatherings. When I moved to the city to go to university I only knew my best friend and her husband, but through the church I was able to meet hundreds of people. I belong to a congregation that is exclusively for single people ages 18 to 31, so we spend a lot of our time having get togethers, parties and other fun social events. We also do projects for the community and to help those in need. I really appreciate those service opportunities that the church provides me with. And what is very impressive about those young people is that they all have such a strong faith in God and Jesus Christ. They are also great examples to me of what being Christlike is about. They are loving and accepting and welcoming to others.