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Hi I'm Laverne John P.

I grew up Rockford. IL and worked in social services. Now I am retired and living in Wisconsin. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Hi, I'm a retired/disabled individual living in the mid-west of the United States. I spent the early part of my working career in the Army and then worked in social services;working with both military and then children with addiction and dual diagnosis'. After that, I took a different direction and worked in transportation. I have three great children(two married) all grown adults and two wonderful grandchildren(and one on the way), and of course I have the greatest wife in the world(I hope we all can say that about our spouses). I love music, both as a listener and a player(guitar) and will listen to or play any style of good music although I'm a Blues player at heart). I love reading non-fiction books, old noir films, and wring music, and of course spoiling my grandchildren. Sitting in the sun and watching my dog run around trying to pull off his leash or his trying to drag my wheelchair is also great fun.(he weighs twenty pounds). I also am very amateur writer with hopes of learning the skills I need to better express the many wonderful things life has taught me. Both as a member of the LDS church and the bumps and scrapes of life that make fun and worth living. I would love to write with joy and love regardless of the story I would be telling. Being in a wheelchair has been my greatest blessing and a turn around in my life so I reach out with joy. Just schrink the glass and it's always full. I've said that for years. Others do now as well but with "wisdom" and for cash.

Why I am a Mormon

The Mormon church has brought me true happiness and understanding of God's plan for us. I have gained a testimony of our Lord and Savior and feel that love with the association of other church members, living the commandments and making covenants with our Heavenly Father with proper authority. Learning about the Book of Mormon has helped me immensely in understanding the Bible better. Early in my life I was very rebellious about everything. It didn't matter what the issue was if you had one opinion I'd have the other just to irritate someone. I was looking for something and made many bad choices. This put me in a situation while I was in the Army that I became so emotionally sick and depressed that the Army was processing me for a medical discharge. While in the hospital I met a member of the Mormon church and started to study the principles of the church. As I learned about faith and repentance and the hope Jesus Christ brings through the atonement, my life slowly started to change. Within one month I was back with my unit and continued to stay in the military six more years. At about that one month time period I made the decision to become Baptized. My whole attitude changed and ever since I have gradually learned to change my whole way of treating people and have an inner peace that I had been trying to find so desperately as a youth. I believe it living those principles and turning my life over to the Gospel that changed and healed a broken heart and allowed me be accepting rather than an antagonist. My relationship with God and Jesus Christ is real... and personal. I attribute this to learning the precepts and direction given me by my association with the Mormon Church:Then I prayed and found them to be true. I know God is real; he lives and that Jesus Christ is real and lives. The most exciting part of all of my personal experience, is I believe anyone can find the same truths for themselves as I did. You study and pray and get your own witness.

How I live my faith

I think about that every day. It helps me start each day with a better understanding of who I am and my true purpose for being here. I never take for granted any moment I have. I have learned that God's purpose is bring us joy and eternal life with a wonderful plan we call The Plan of Happiness. It's hard for me, but each day I try to remember who I am and the commiments I have made to my Heavenly Father. I love to share the hope and joy that can come from I've learned and what I believe. It's important for me to really understand the Savior's gift to us all live my life with true charity to all those that I meet. Nothing anyone does or says makes me angry, nor do I judge anyone for what they believe: my beliefs are based on my faith so how can I deny others that same right to believe what they do by there faith. A big part of living my faith is learning from all good books and value systems. It helps deepen my own beliefs and gives them more depth of understanding. When I pray and confirm these new Ideas I feel more able to listen and learn from all faiths and beliefs. My life is nothing without the Plan of Salvation and the Atoement of Jesus Christ, so I pray daliy for everyone to have the chance to hear the truths I've found. I love the scriptures and feel great strength and comfort from them when I prayerfully read them. I try to serve the best I can, not just in our chucrh organzation but whereever I can offer help or comfort to others. To finish, I try to live every moment as a representaive of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father and hope tht all can find his peace.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Laverne John P.
I wasn't totally clear in my own mind before and after I joined the church why things seemed for certain people and not for others. The truth is the temples are for everyone but a series of learning and commitment needs to take place for those ordinances to be understood and lived up to. In our daily lives we think nothing of the need to learn to drive and be licensed or our desire to have qualified professionals take care of our health, education, or even our cars and repairs on our homes. If we were to be put in some of these situations unprepared we would feel inadequate and overwhelmed. So too, with the things of the spirit. We need to take steps to learn to live daily healthy "spiritual" lives and be able to have a full understanding of "small" things to be prepared for more challenging or more thought provoking spiritual things. Just as we learn basic math that can turn into a process of advanced understanding and even new discoveries others may have not known about: So it is with the things of the spirit. Nothing is hidden or withheld form anyone but a certain amount of understanding and worthiness goes into any growth. As someone who has had the blessing of going to the temple it is not a free pass and then your done. After that experience your need to live up to those commitments to continue to enjoy those blessings. All members can qualify to got to the temple once properly prepared. There are no hidden secrets only new understanding. Show more Show less