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Hi I'm Charles

I am an accountant. I married at 45. I have two beautiful daughters. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I married at 45, am in my late 40's, and happily married to a thirty-something wife. We have two small girls. I studied accounting in college and have been in various financial services. I consider myself entreuprenurial, or sometimes self-UNemployed. (Now married, I have to be more responsible) I like exercise of all kinds, especially, hiking, weightlifting and long walks. If I lived in California I would definitely be a surfer. But dont ask me about anything on the sports page. I will sound like an idiot. I am an explorer by nature and like learning new things, doing new things, seeing new places and meeting new people. Wikipedia is the greatest.... a click away from learning about anything, WOW! When single, with time and money, I loved to travel. I am musical. Mom made me learn the piano as a child. Thanks Mom! I took lessons from first grade through my first year in college. I sometimes play the piano and organ at church. The classical music station is the first present button on my car radio. I love playing with my baby girls.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church by two wonderful parents who always lived their religion and faithfully taught their children how to live it. I have always been active in the church and I try hard to be a good mormon. But it is a high standard indeed. My curious mind asks alot of question. Often more questions than those around me can tolerate. This questioning, however, I think helps me keep an open mind which I have really come to value. I love learning about new things including other religions. Never have I found anything with more coherant doctrines, relevant answers, peaceful feelings, or a better way of living than what I have found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I love the prophet Joseph Smith. I love the Church he reorganized. I fully believe it is all that it claims to be, was divinely established and currently lead by modern prophets and apostles. I love the messages I get from the apostles every six months at General Conference. These apostles are conduits of divine truth coming directly from God himself. When I find myself unhappy with my life, if I dig deeper into the scriptures and give more service to those around me, my life always improves. I love this church, its wonderful leaders, but mostly the gospel it preaches. It is my anchor, my foundation. I dig my roots deeply into its soil. This gives me hope, helps me repent, and helps me love my neighbor. It brings me closer to God. I was very slow to get married and now am grateful to God for His wonderful "Plan of Happiness" which has brought me great satisfaction and joy.

How I live my faith

I find the spirit is what matter most. Actually it is all the matters. This changes everything. In my personal life, home life and work life I find that selfishness is not profitable. In the midst of life's struggles, I invariably find in front of me people worse off than me. When I open my mind and heart to their needs and wants there is often something I can do for them. Somehow helping others when I am hurthing helps me to grow and improves my own circumstances. As it turns out, I often end up with friends of diverse backgrounds with fascinating stories. This enriches life. Being slow to marry brought me personal growth and opportunities, and friendship making abilities which were slow coming but which I now value. I repeatedly find great comfort, strength, motivation and understanding as I intensely study the scriptures. I love the church scriptures. The phrase "search the scriptures" John 5:39 is meaningful because it brings treasures of knowledge, mental resolution, peace, motivation and strength. This can be hard because then i have to do something about it the answers are simple, they are not easy , but they are simple. So I keep going back to the scriptures for more motivation and strength. Motivation is everything.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Four things are ESSENTIALS: moviation, effort, faith, service. First, motivation. Until one wants to learn, do, or be anything one needs desire. Without it nothing happens. Second, effort. Motivation only brings rewards if action is taken. Without action there is no progress. Make an effort of some sort. This includes reading, or better yet, studying scriptures or like messages. Words are powerful when coming from inpired people who believe and act on spiritual things. Praying silently or aloud is another essential effort. Communicating with God is a very personal thing. It is supposed to be that way. Things of the spirit can only be learned by the spirit. The Spirit cannot be seen. It is only felt. Unless you learn to feel the spirit and obey its promptings nothing Godly will be felt, internalized and utilized. Unless that happens you will never know God. Third, faith. After all efforts there must still be faith. I have never seen God, angels or visions. But, I still choose to believe. Faith is a choice. After taking that leap of faith the evidence will come... in abundance. God always rewards the faithful. Maybe not like we hoped or expected, or as soon. However, Gods rewards are more sure than any and all other things. Forth, serve others. Jesus teaches us to serve others. In serving others we experience God's love. Service is the only way that is known. Opportunities for service are everywhere. We just have to look for them. Show more Show less