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Hi I'm Lorena

I grew up In Colombia. I'm a Navy Vet, I'm a happy wife and mother, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love learning languages; listening to music (especially opera); singing; doing different types of sports like swimming, biking and running; I got married two and a half years ago after having been active in the U.S. Navy for four years, and having served a mission sharing what I know about Jesus Christ for the "Mormon" faith for 18 months. I am now expecting a beautiful baby and my sweet husband just joined the military to become a musician in the army bands.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were both Catholics when they met each other and even married in the catholic church. Five years later, already having with them two of my siblings, the missionaries from the church knocked on their door and eventually they were baptized into the church. Some years later I came along and was "born" into the faith. So I went to church because that's what the family did on Sundays and I remember having some great times and also some challenging times not wanting to get up early on Sundays to go to church specifically and then one day I decided to stop going. I was about 14/15 and when I turned 16 I had the opportunity of going to a study abroad program in Paris, France, and my dad, knowing of my passion for languages and the learning thereof, had the brilliant idea (no doubt guided by the spirit) of giving me a Book of Mormon in French. He suggested I read regularly as to improve my language skills! I thought it was a great idea as I had no literature in French. I got caught up reading this book every single day. I cannot explain what was happening, but I just couldn't avoid doing it because I sensed that it was adding something to my daily living that I was missing. And I liked it. I loved feeling the new way that I was feeling. I started coming back to church, very faithfully, and this also made all the difference in the world... Prayer? I don't remember ever stopping my daily prayers. This was a definite anchor in my life. And so why am I a "Mormon" or better said, a "Latter-day Saint"? Because I love the way it makes me feel, on a daily basis. In spite of the trials and difficult circumstances that inevitably will come to you and me... I feel an inner strength coming from within that I could not attribute to anything in this world, save my willing immersion to the gospel of Jesus Christ through his restored church on the earth once more and the blessings that Jesus has promised will come when one does this.

How I live my faith

First of all, I try to follow God's commandments, strictly; because I try to do this on a daily basis, I am blessed with the constant desire to serve in the different activities and programs held at church. One of these programs is called visiting teaching. This program is organized among the women of the church and consists of a very organized way of caring for one another on a personal basis. Basically, the women in each geographical area are divided into pairs and each pair is assigned a few sisters to visit on a monthly basis and care for on a daily basis. This is probably one of my absolute favorites of the "Mormon" faith. The Lord would have us care for one another-this he taught throughout the scriptures. Amazing things can happen when one follows the commandments of the Lord, especially when we are following his counsel to love one another, shown through tangible acts of service. So this is one of the ways in which I live my faith. I visit teach with eagerness and constancy. This has blessed my life than any other things I've done, I think, because this is an ongoing duty with ongoing blessings of the out pour of the spirit of the Lord. Another way I live my faith is by sharing what I know to be true with those with whom I interact. I don't have to hide the fact that I AM a Latter-day Saint because, in fact, this way of living blesses my life and my family's life day by day, hour by hour and I wish for all to partake of what I am tasting and enjoying to its fullest.