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Hi I'm Luz Estrella

I'm a Convert to the church.

About Me

Growing up in Utah, a lot of people assume that I was raised in the church. This is not the case. I was blessed to be born to a wonderful family. My mom was a single parent who worked hard every day to support her family of 5. A devout catholic, she prayed with me every night and I attended mass with her most Sundays. I never thought as myself as religious and soon stopped attending mass but still had certain standards that I kept and lived by. As non-members we didn't want anything to do with Mormon beliefs. Missionaries had visited our door a few times but were soon sent away and I don't remember mormon friends talking about the gospel. My pride would not have let me hear the gospel anyway at that time. Then, when atteding the local college I met a great friend He wasn't like a lot of mormons I had met growing up in Utah. I could see a the great love he had for his beliefs and the sincere love he had for everyone he met, mormon or not. He shared his beliefs as our friendship grew. At the beginning I could only listen but would not take in the gospel and its truth in my heart because of my stubborness and horrible pride. I thought to myself, "Of course he wants to talk me into becoming a mormon, I'm in Utah the mormon captial. But he's wrong and I know better and will not join the mormon church." But soon those thoughts changed and I thank the Lord for cutting me from my prideful mask and showing me truth. I sincerely prayed to know if somehow, someway, the church that I had avoided my entire life was really the true and right church to join. Yes it was!! The Holy spirit testified the truth of it to me. The Lord had used this wonderful person to show me the truth of the gospel. And although I had my mind set in never joining the mormons, the Lord never left me alone and I am So very grateful for that! Now I have started a family of my own with, yes, that wonderful friend that brought me to the gospel and 3 little girls. We love the gospel and are take advantage of all the great blessings of having the truth of this glorious gospel in our lives everyday! My only hope now is that the rest of my family will join the gospel as well so they can see what happiness it has brought to my life.

Why I am a Mormon

Because I love this gospel and cannot live without it. I makes me life so much better than before I had it.

How I live my faith

I live day by day. If there are any obstacle to get over, I tackle them one at a time with a great deal of help from my Heavenly Father.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Luz Estrella
One of the first testimonies I gained when being taught the gospel was that there could be an eternal bond that could bind a family together for all eternity. I knew in my heart that our loving Father in heaven granted this incredible gift to his children. I want to be with my husband, children and family forever and this gospel has made this possible. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell to you there is a God?

Luz Estrella
The love in people you see is inherited from our Heavenly Father. The incredibly planned and built Earth that we live on had to have been made by a perfect hand. It functions so graciously. Show more Show less