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Hi I'm Tony

I grew up in Texas where my family has lived for over 100 years. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have a wide collection of interests. I enjoy following the sports programs from the two colleges I graduated from (BYU and Texas A&M University). Football Saturdays are a great deal of fun in the fall. I oil paint as a hobby. I work hard to provide for my family and love being home with my wife and our two little kids. I have a beautiful, brilliant, spiritual wife who is my light. She encourages me, is patient with my shortcomings, and gives me inspiration on what goals to pursue. Left to myself, I am a bit of a scatterbrain. She helps me focus on things that are most important. We have a little boy who has bright blue eyes like his mother. There is nothing in the world like being a daddy and caring for your own little guy. It is so fun to watch him grow and play with him and teach him and sing to him and read to him. Just this June we added a little girl to our family. She helps us see how much our boy has grown up and she makes us so happy. We love serving in our church and community.

Why I am a Mormon

I have read The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ many times. As I face new challenges in life I see new ways it helps me to become a better person. The Book of Mormon helps me to come closer to Jesus Christ and that changes everything. Jesus Christ is a perfect example of the person we should all seek to be. By becoming more like Him - even if it is tiny steps - I am a better husband, a better father, a better leader for the young people I serve in Boy Scouts, and a better participant of my community.

How I live my faith

I have been a volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America as a Varsity Coach for the 14 and 15 year old scouts. We did trips such as Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. There we learn wilderness survival skills and about life in general by hiking 70 miles over 10 days. But really it is all about teaching these boys to be men who respect women, learn to work hard, and serve others around them. Now I help others find their family history. It is easier to know who you are when you know where you came from.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Poets and song writers throughout the ages have believed in eternal love. There is something inherent in humanity that makes us all aspire to love that will never die. Modern prophets starting with Joseph Smith have taught the same thing. The difference is that prophets not only teach that love should be eternal, but they teach how to guarantee that it will be. The New Testament talks about Peter binding things on earth and in heaven. Today we use the same authority Peter had to bind families together forever. This is performed in sacred temples where both a husband and a wife must prepare to enter. That preparation includes chastity, honesty, paying tithing, and a commitment to a health code that eliminates alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other things. By having these priorities, faithful Mormons can start a marriage on a solid foundation. In fact, the purpose of the preparation is to make it easier for us to receive guidance from the Spirit of God throughout our marriage. Christ is the real foundation, and He makes it possible to return home to heaven with our families. Really, our families here should be modeled after our heavenly family. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon makes for a busy life. It is in that busyness that life finds its ultimate meaning. I work two jobs to support my family while my wife goes to school and we raise our little boy. For my church assignment I get to work with a group of young men and teach them leadership and service and how to live the gospel. I also spend a little time each day reading the scriptures and praying. The meaning comes when I spend a relaxing evening just hanging out with my wife, or when see a young man I work with for several years choose to serve a mission, or when I recognize an answer to a prayer, or when I find a message from my Heavenly Father in the scriptures that gives me guidance just as I need it. All the busyness of being a Mormon serves a purpose. It is really about serving. I strive to serve my family. I serve the young men I work with. I serve through my jobs. I serve my little boy by playing with him and helping him learn how to move around and communicate and be happy. By learning the gospel, I am more able to serve because I understand God's plan for our happiness, and can see how God loves us especially through the hard times. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

My answered prayers tells me a God. Not that all my prayers are answered. I don't always ask for things that are good for me. Luckily, God doesn't usually answer those kinds of prayers. I have found that as a matter becomes very important to me, especially when it comes to providing for my family, there are answers that come just in the nick of time. We were looking for an affordable place to live and had a great opportunity, but it depended on several things lining up just right. It all worked out with two days to spare. More than that, though, I have found peace and meaning as I face struggles that don't get answered. Not everything gets made right in this life. God takes the long view because eternity is longer than the century or so that we have claim on. He visits me with peace that things will be ok. Show more Show less