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Hi I'm Bryan Taylor

I grew up in Hawaii. I love photography, I love this Earth. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I like to think. I like to look at things silently, and think about them. I like to look at nothing at all, and think about things that I can't see. I am a pretty typically lazy young adult, but often I get spontaneous urges to get up, move, do something. I take photos, draw colorful, messy pictures and splatter paint on things. You might call me an artist. I live at home. My room is filled with a pictures, books, a fishtank, a queen sized futon, a cat, a laptop, tons of artwork, piles of papers, and I keep all my shoes under my bed frame. I am a sentimental guy. There aren't very many things in my room that don't have a story behind them. I keep things because they have life to them. They have a home in me, somewhere, so I make them a home in my room. I am not afraid to throw things away. When I do, though.. it always feels like I am losing something. Four times out of five, weeks later, I want to use something and remember, sadly, that I threw it away. I like independent people. I am somewhat of a dependent person, although I try my hardest not to smother. So I am drawn to those of us that seem.. on a separate level than the rest of the world. I want to study english, art and psychology, and someday become a teacher. Although right now, I'm on a 2 year mission to to the great country of Canada =)

Why I am a Mormon

I was never really raised in a religious home. My parents split when I was 4, and most of my early life was spent trying to figure that one out. And search for happiness. Happiness is a hard find, you know. There were a lot of situations in my teens that I knew that something was looking out for me. I didn't have the purest lifestyle, but my intentions were usually good. And I seemed to find myself evading a lot of the nasty traps that are laid out there for young people, simply by keeping my intentions pure. Because of these things, I developed a sense of universal right and wrong. Relevatism really didn't seem to make a lot of sense. In my soul, I yearned to know what caused the world to go round, and still stay straight, if you get what I mean. I met a girl (The best stories begin this way) who talked with me a lot about the meaning of life. And really what life meant to her. She talked a lot about God, but I mostly brushed that stuff off, and used her insights to feed my personal philosophy. But one day something unexpected happened. She challenged me, she put me on the spot. She got me to pray from my heart to ask if God was there, and if He loved me. You can take a guess what my answer was. From there I was challenged to meet with the Mormon Elders and test what they have to say. I read the Book of Mormon as they asked, but wasn't really feeling any different than when I was reading "The Tao of Pooh". Good insights, but not the answer to everything. One night, I was reading alone in my bed, on my back with the Book of Mormon held above my head. And suddenly the idea struck me - What if everything written in this book really did happen? And so, from my heart, I sent out that question to the heavens. And the heavens opened to me. I remember feeling and knowing and even seeing in my minds eye that yes, the Book of Mormon was a true, real record of real people. And I can never deny those moments.

How I live my faith

Right now, my faith is lived every single moment of every single day. I am serving as a full time missionary, a total 180 flip from 3 years back, when I was being taught by Elders just like myself. Everything I do is based on my faith in Christ and this restored church. Every day I read the Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, and other scripture. Every day I search for answers to peoples questions, whether about the doctrines of the Church or life in general, and every day I pray knowing that there is a God above that hears and answers me, and is constantly giving me new insights into life, into His children, and into God Himself. Every day I teach and share what I learn to those I meet. A lot of my time is spent meeting, talking to and teaching strangers. But not so much strangers, as members of the big family of Earth that I just haven't met yet . My faith is an every day, every moment thing. Each action I take is affected by my knowledge of an Eternal Father, and a Savior. Each thought I have, every thing I say is a reflection of my faith in God. Because faith is not a passive thing. Faith inspires works, and because of my faith and hope in the existence of a loving God, I do things differently than if I didn't believe. And every choice I make shapes and creates who I am and who I will be in the years to come. And not just years, but centuries to come. Because I know that I will continue growing and learning, even after this mortal life. So my perspective is set firmly on the vast and sobering picture of eternity. Which helps me see each decision I make is that much more important. My life is an open canvas, full of mess and splatter and every once and a while a bright and beautifully painted smile. And I know that whatever mistakes I make now and in the future, I can turn to the Man with the paint remover, my good friend Jesus.