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Hi I'm Kaiping.我是凱平.

國史館志工、華語導遊、一位摩門。 I'm a volunteer for Taiwan's National History Museum, I'm a Tour Guide of Taiwan, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

 我是一位父親和丈夫,有一位賢慧並對神忠信的老婆與兩位對神有見證的子女。我曾在國內汽車製造工廠服務28年。退休後我是一位華語導遊,當我介紹台灣的宗教時,大部份的大陸遊客都很疏遠且無興趣。所以我很感恩我是一位摩門,因為我知道福音的真實與價值。我也是一位國史館的導覽志工,當我介紹台灣400年歷史時,我更加了解與愛台灣。 I am a father and a husband. I have a lovely wife and two amazing children who all have a strong testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I worked in an automotive factory for 28 years, but am currently working as a tour guide, taking people from Mainland China on tours of Taiwan. When I talk about the many religions in Taiwan, most people are not interested. That makes me appreciate being a Mormon, because I know the value and truth of this gospel. I also volunteer at Taiwan Historica, Taiwan's National History Museum. Whenever I explain to others about Taiwan's 400 years of history, my love for Taiwan increases.  

Why I am a Mormon

 我的祖母生於清朝山東省即墨縣,是一位忠信的基督徒。她每日聖經研讀與祈禱並感謝神,希望她的子孫得到保護並獲得平安,後來父親安全到達台灣,我17歲的8月,我與弟弟在日式的居屋往窗外晀望,突發現一對傳教士在巷口敲門,頓時心中有溫暖的感覺就直接接觸,2個月後就洗禮了。我知道神回答了祖母的祈禱,因為我在福音中找到平安與喜悅。 My grandmother was born in the Ching Dynasty, and was a faithful Christian. She read the Bible daily, and prayed that her posterity would be protected and receive peace from God. Eventually, my father moved to Taiwan. One day in August, when I was 17, I was at home with my little brother. I looked out the window and saw two Mormon Missionaries going from door to door on our street. I suddenly had a warm feeling in my heart, so I immediately went to talk to them, and about 2 months later was baptized. I know that God answered my grandmother's prayer, because I have found peace and joy in this gospe

How I live my faith

我相信服務是我信仰中最重要的一部份。我發現服務別人會給帶來祝福。當我還是單身成人時就積極籌劃全省的單身成人活動,結果找到了現在的老婆。因為這個經驗讓我學習到服務他人是實踐福音最好的方法。就像摩爾門經所述:你們為同胞服務時,只是在為你們的神服務。 I believe that service is most important part of living my faith. I've found that serving others brings blessings to my own life. For example, when I was young, I once organized an activity for all the single members of our church in Taiwan, and ended up finding my own wife at the activity. Because of this experience, I learned that service to others is the best way to live one's faith, just like it says in the Book of Mormon "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."

What do Mormons believe about "eternal life?"

 我們都是神的孩子不分膚色、國家地區、富裕或貧困。靈魂的價值在神的眼光是最重要的。學習像祂一樣是我這生最大的計畫。跟隨基督的腳步,過基督般的生活,研讀經文、祈禱、服務是我尋求幸福的方法。耶穌就是基督,是過去、現在、未來不變的神,是天父的兒子也是我們的長兄。基督博愛的榜樣影響我的人生改變我的價值觀。找到一位敬畏耶和華有智慧的伴侶是建立一個快樂的家庭環境先決條件,讀同一本經文與崇拜同一位神,有效的溝通及自由權的尊重會是一個快樂的家庭環境。我所信仰是耶穌有救贖的力量讓人會復活並擁有永生,也藉著家譜讓祖先與子孫的心、子孫與祖先的心焊結在一起。 We are all children of God regardless of skin color, nationality, or our economic situation. The worth of souls is great in the sight of God. Life's biggest purpose is to learn how to be like Him. I have found the most happiness through following Jesus Christ's footsteps, reading the scriptures, praying, and serving others. I know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, our Elder Brother, and our eternal, unchanging Savior .Christ's perfect example of love helped me change my thoughts and completely change the way I view the world. I wanted to find a wife that would help me establish a joyful home, reads the same scriptures and worships the same God. A joyful home environment comes through effective communication and mutual respect for each other. I know Jesus Christ has the redeeming power to help us overcome death and obtain eternal life. I also know that as we do family history, we are turning the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers.   Show more Show less