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At a young age, Steve lost his father to suicide. Now with a family of his own, he’s learned to be the father he never had. And he knows that fatherhood can be as thrilling as riding a motorcycle at 150 mph!

Why is family so important to Mormons?

  • The family is the unit in which we can build relationships with our children and show love to our Wives and Children, furthermore we can show respect, honour, kindness, acts of service, perform skills, receive an education. We can learn in the home to build a fountain of knowledge both spiritual and temporal. This knowledge will be one that will help us in our future families. We can also learn to love one another in the home. We learn to respect our family members through being curtious and obedient to our parents. Church members are encouraged to hold a Family Home Evening, each monday night, if possible. This FHE should consist of Church songs, a spiritaul message, an opening and closing prayer, plus some fun. This programme enables the family within each home to spend some time together, plus much more... Show more

  • When our mortal life is over and we move into the spirit world and on into the eternities, the only thing we will take is ourselves and our families. It won't matter how big a house or car we had, how successful we were in our jobs, how much money we have in our bank accounts. The most important thing we can do on the earth is invest time and effort in our families. This will bring us such happiness, and eventually a fullness of joy in the nest life. Show more

  • We believe that we are all spirit children of our Heavenly Father and we are born into this life here on earth so that we can have a body to learn and experience many things this is an essential part of our development. Our goal is to have enough faith to live such a life that it will help us to go back to our Heavenly Father and live with him again. The best way to learn and to experience life is through being raised in a family and being taught within a family. We are taught that these family units can remain together forever, if we are faithful in keeping the commandments and live the teachings that Heavenly Father gives us through prophets. That is why families are so important to us, we want to be together with those people we shared our lives with, whom we loved and cherished here on earth. Show more

  • The family is the most important unit in society and the church and is central to Heavenly Fathers plan. A past Prophet of the Church once said " The most important work you will ever do is within the walls of your own home" As Mormons we believe we will return to our Heavenly Father and live with him and with our families for time and eternity and it is important we work together as families to stay on the path of righteousness which will lead us back to him. Show more

  • Families are important to Mormon's because it is one of the best places to learn and grow! God loved us so he gave us a family to live in :) In families we are able to learn about all sorts of things. I have learned to cook from my mum, I have learned how to maintain a car from my dad and I have learned to love from my sister. Families is one of the best places to learn things that can help us now and in the future. Families are also important because we believe that we can live and be with them for eternity! That we aren't just here as families now, but after this time on earth as well. At the end of the day, we are all part of God's family too. Show more

  • families our essential they are what our gospel is centered on. we are one family and its purpose is to rear children up in a place where they are taught with love and patience. Show more

  • Family is the basic unit of organisation in the church and in society. The impact of the sanctity of family on society can not be measured. I love my family so much, heaven couldn't possibly be heaven without being with the people that matter most to me. Our gaol in this life is to find happiness and to become like our Heavenly Father, and the greatest joy one can experience in the eternities is to have a family. Show more

  • I see no promise in returning to the best job I had in life, nor house, car or holiday destination. In fact, nothing other than my parents, siblings, wife & children, etc. Nor does sitting on a cloud as a loner singing praises forever appeal. Family is what true religion offers. The alternatives are nothing by comparison. Why do people settle for less? Show more

  • We believe that families are part of our Father in heavens divine plan. We live in families here on earth and we can live as families in the next life. I figure, if I am going to live with them forever, I need to learn to love and serve them now. It isn't always easy, but I feel it is worth it. I also work at being a better family member, I know I am not always the easiest person to live with. I believe that one of the best gospel principles that we can apply as family members is forgiveness. Show more

  • Because a man married to a woman together with children are what God has ordained as the unit which will continue in the eternities. In the family parents work as equals to nurture their children and to love God as their eternal Heavenly Father. Show more

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