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Hi I'm Devin

I am a devoted husband, and father of four beautiful children, a Firefighter/Paramedic, a musician, and YES! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for six years now. Today I live with my beautiful wife and three of the best children a father could have on this earth, my 19y/o daughter, 12y/o daughter,m 5 m/o daughter and 2y/o son. I work in one of our nations biggest and busiest Fire Departments as a Firefighter/ Paramedic, Department Spokesman, and Terrorist Liaison Officer. I have the wonderful opportunity to work with the Media and Public Relations Command Staff, as one of the Departments Public Information Officers. Along with working close with the puplic, I also work closely with representatives from Television, Media, News Radio, and the Entertainment Industry, in providing all citizens across the nation, with working knowledge of the safety, service, and security in the City of Los Angeles. In this new role, you will find me working as a member of an intricate team of Fire Department Professionals helping the citizens of Los Angeles to feel more secure and protected.

Why I am a Mormon

Wow, Where do I Begin. My story begins just before the summer of 2003 with the meeting of my wife, who was born in the church. We met on an encouraged blind date, that neither of us were too thrilled to go on. Now, most people talk about surface things in their lives when they first meet, surprisingly we talked in depth about our two religions. Although we were both inactive in our churches, we quickly realized how unusual it was to feel so comfortable discussing our faiths so early on in our relationship. Needless to say we grew very fond of one another and decided to continue dating. It wasn’t until we got really serious, that things started to get somewhat uncomfortable. The topic of marriage soon surfaced, along with conversations about how important it was for her to marry in the Temple. Added from my own knowledge, I secretly began asking questions about her church from known members on my job. After it was explained to me just what it means to attend the temple, it was clear her and I need a deeper discussion of what was expected of each other. We soon decided to visit each others churches to learn more about one another. I remember thinking; there were so many similarities in both. As time went on I was compelled to explain to her that under no circumstances will I ever become as Latter Day Saint and therefore would never get married in a Temple. After all, I had two young girls I was raising as Jehovah’s Witnesses and my beliefs were strong. We later decided we loved each other enough to workout our differences. Even with all of this going on I still asked her father and mother for her hand in marriage. After expressing some concerns their reply was, "well I guess we will have to see where this goes". Obviously she said yes!!! As the wedding day approached things grew tense. I began to doubt my relationship with her. I remember praying to God, who I believed to be Jehovah at the time, asking him if I was doing the right thing. I also remember my feelings were clear "YES". As with any relationship problems began to grow. We reached a pivotal point in our marriage where we had decided it might not work out and we were both devastated. Just when things couldn’t get any worse she asked me to go back to church with her, I said no. Later she inquired about taking the lessons with the missionaries from the Book of Mormon. I agreed to sit in to support her and our marriage. Even though it was my wife’s lessons, surprisingly I was the one who began asking the questions. Although I had discussions with missionaries as a Jehovah’s Witness about the Book of Mormon before, it became clear I didn’t know half of what I thought I knew about Latter Day Saints. It wasn’t to long before the focus of the lessons was shifted from my wife to me. As we studied the scriptures I remember thinking why in the world would God use such young men who didn’t seem to know much about the bible, speak with individuals they meet. It was then, that flashes of King Solomon came to mind, and what a young but wise king he was. I decided to follow Elder Woods and Elder Williams advice to read the Book of Mormon, and ask God if it is true. When I came to (Moroni 10:3-7) which explains the power of the Holy Ghost I was Floored, He is the one who testifies of the truth of all matters. Many more scriptures came to my mind like a flood gate. I was in complete awe at how I was feeling after reading the Book of Mormon each day, and I couldn’t explain it or deny it. One day during a lesson I stopped the Elders to tell them that I believe what I had been reading. I further add that it felt like I couldn’t contain it, like my heart was about to explode. They both sat there with a look of amazement, asking me to turn to (Alma 32:27-28). The seed of the truth was being planted in my heart, my faculties were truly aroused, feelings of swelling motions began to fill my chest, I had begun to say this is a good seed, and Yes!!! it was delicious to me…this has to be from GOD!!! A notation of interest is when they ask me if I want to get baptized, it was so crazy to me but I said yes. This meant leaving all that had ever known, the religion I had always felt was the truth, and losing most of my family and friends because of this decision. If you can imagine my wife was stunned! Life was good until it came time to tell my friends and family about my decision to get baptized into another church. To put it in short my entire family, with the exception of one sister, as well as a majority of my friends decided to disassociate themselves from me. Even with all this, I still felt this is what the Lord had called me to do. With such a great loss, I was devastated and I couldn’t pick a date to be baptized so, the Elders decided for me. With great surprise yet again, they chose; April 22, 2006. This date has so much significance for me in my life; the numeral 22 is my favorite number. It has been the number in every sport I have ever played. It is the day I asked my wife to marry me. it also happened to be one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormom 2 Nephi 22:2 "Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation". I was baptized on April 22, 2006. My two daughters, who were 8 and 14 at the time, began taking the lessons and were both baptized in November of 2006. I had the wonderful opportunity to baptize them both as well as confirm them members of the church. Two years later my mother who had originally not accepted my decision to join the church or the marriage of my wife, is now a member of the church. I had the privilege of baptizing her and confirming her as well. One of my favorite songs in the church is called "I Stand All Amazed" at what the Lord Has done for us all! That is exactly how i feel each day in this Gospel, AMAZED!!!

How I live my faith

I live my faith, with real intent to do and be the very best husband, father, son, brother, friend and servant of the Lord I can be. I love this Gospel so much, finding the book of Mormon to be true is kinda like: when you lost your keys at home, and you search franticly to find them. You search..... search and search high and low but to no avail. Suddenly you sit down in a calm state and BAM! "there they are", right there in plane sight. Because you were in a different state of mind, you couldn't see what was right in front of you the whole time. I now live with the faith that all will be made right, no matter what, and live each day by not relying on my own understanding of things but rather Gods view on all matters. I take notice of his ways, and truly let him direct my path. (Proverbs 3:5) I attempt to recognize his heavenly hand in every part of my life.

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

I love this question, seeing how this was one of the biggest reason for me not wanting to join the church. We are all just different shades for the same color God created, his thoughts are not our thoughts. This is why we need to rely on his written word and not the arm of flesh, we should never run faster than God has permitted us to run. Deeper understanding comes from real intent to know what is true. A man of God is a man of God no matter what mankind may see on the outside. A gift coming from the Lord is given based on worthiness of the individual, and all sacred things are given to those who are truly faithful in all things no matter what race or color. Show more Show less