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What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

  • Reading is important in my life. Reading is my hobby and my profession, and I read a lot! By far the most important reading I do is my reading of the scriptures. Reading the scriptures helps me feel peace even when things in life are unsettled. As I read the scriptures, it helps me to view day-to-day experiences through a more eternal perspective. Show more

  • I have FAITH in The Lord and I believe in the Book of Mormon because it completes the Bible in all that is read. in the King James Bible it clearly states in Ezekiel that there were two stickes meaning the first book being the bible and the other the Book Of Mormon. ihope that those who read my words will read with an open mind and pray for the Truth for themselves. Show more

  • reading the scriptures is reading the word of GOD, it is a tool that will draw you closer to GOD and help you with anything you desire in your heart. it also helps you understand who GOD is and what he wants from you (us) and what his plan for you is. the scriptures teach that our GOD is a caring and loving GOD and all he wants is for us his children to one day return back to him. i no that as i read the scriptures, i cam to a better understand of the meaning of life i came to a better understand what is more important in life and then be able to put perspective on the importance of life and i no you will too if you read the scriptures. Show more

  • Studying the scriptures is Great! But I wouldn't have given you that same answer 2-3 years ago. I must admit I have often found much of the scriptures the be quite dry and boring to read. However, more recently I have begun to aply the scriptures to my own life, when I read a story about a kid who defeats a giant in battle with a sling I see the connection of standing up for what is right in my own life. When I read about Christ and his teachings, I find it helps me to be so much of a better person and to make important decisions when I aply those teachings to myself. Show more

  • The blessings of being guided in our lives by the counsel of Heavenly Father, the Saviour, the Holy Ghost, the Prophets and Apostles of the Lord. Show more

  • I have received more blessings from my reading and studying in the Book of Mormon and the Bible then i will ever understand, but the ones that i have noticed are truely so amazing. when you read passages from both of these books and think about them you receive asnweres to some of your deepest questions, i have often had the question "Does God really know me?, does he really know things that i am going threw and things that i have done, does he really know my dreams and desires?" from all my studying and my praying i have received my answere. God does know me. He knows all that i have gone threw, my pains my trials and even my happiest moments. He truely loves me, and wants to bless me with all he can, i just need to let him and continue to turn to him. I know that God and his Son know each one of us and they both love us with a deeper love then we can comprehend. I that you too can feel the love and the comfert that comes from an answere to this question. Just give it a try and pray with all your heart to know, and you will get your answere. Show more

  • Reading and studying the scriptures brings me closer to my Heavenly Father. I think of it as if I were taking spiritual vitamins to fortify myself for that day. It reminds me of what is most important and in turn influences the choices I make throughout the day for the better. When I have spent time studying and pondering the teachings of Jesus Christ, it reminds me to have a prayer in my heart throughout the day and to try to be my best self. I also find that I am a greater help to those around me when I have read and pondered the gospel, and have put on that spiritual armor to protect me. Most of all, I feel God's love when I spend time with the scriptures and that motivates me to strive to be like Him. Show more

  • Blessings are dependent on attitude. Many people have read scriptures & dismissed them. What makes some people treasure & others mock them? The heart. In short, scriptures are records of events re God's dealings with man. In every age, it's not the record that mattered, it's the revelation. That caused the record & God's dealings always came that way. Today, the Christian premise is that God expects people to only have the Bible; revelation is done away. To us, we exist first by revelation, then by the subsequent records. They are uplifting reminders, but God speaking made them important. Those who disbelieve scripture tend to disbelieve God, then say people manipulate others with a fable. Those who have gotten gain from religion fuel this proposition, but our Church has a history of personal financial sacrifice by millions & gain is absent. It debunks the proposition. Show more

  • I feel that one of the greatest blessings which comes from reading scriptures is that you begin to build a deeper understanding of God's love for us, & the central role of Jesus Christ in God's plan for His children. Reading the Bible & the Book of Mormon has given me peace & strength beyond my own. Two of my favourite verses of scripture are: Bible - John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Book of Mormon - 2 Nephi 33:6 "I glory in plainness; I glory in truth; I glory in my Jesus, for he hath redeemed my soul from hell." Show more

  • When you read the scriptures, you are reading truth. The people who are speaking did live and their words are so important to us today. As you continue to read and ponder what the scriptures are saying you will draw closer to God and Christ as you learn about their will for us here on earth. Because of this knowledge of who God and Jesus Christ are to you, you open your heart to receiving the promised blessings that the scriptures speak of and those blessings are endless. Show more

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