United Kingdom
Debbie: Mormon.

Hi I'm Debbie

About Me

I've been raised in the south since I was four years old and was converted at the age of eight along with my mother and siblings. I am a hair dresser and I enjoy meeting new people that come through my shop. I love sharing the gospel with those I meet. I enjoy art, poetry, and sharing my southern hospitality with those I meet (especially the missionaries!!!). I'm an easy going person who gets along with everyone that I meet. Ilove the out doors and Country Music. ESPN has become one of my most favorite channels to watch, the stories which i love to hear are the ones where these amazing Athletes share where they have faced these road blocks that by choice they chose turned them in to a GAINT that people will few them by their great attributes and strong influence. My out look in life is enjoy every minute of the day and the people you meet other wise you might miss out on something GREAT!!!!

Why I am a Mormon

when i was a young girl 6 yrs. of age my mother had a dream, she was standing in th ite back yard with my brother and I she said Jesus was above her in the clouds with heavenly angles among him he extended his hand called her by name and said ye shall have eternal lfe. waking her self up talking out loud she said she could feel our saviors love. two weeks later two missionaries came to our door never hearing of the church of jesus christ she let the missionaries into our home she shared her dream and they were amazed because in the old Book of Mormon this picture was the one she had seen in her dream. she was shaken up by this because there was no way that she could of spoke of this picture because she had never had even seen or heard of The Book Of Mormon. My mother and our Family join the church not just by this dream because the Holy Ghost confimed it when we saw this picture and the beautiful messages that was shared with my Family. Our Father in heaven knowes when we are ready to hear the Gosple he will send the message, it is up to those who choose to listen to find out for them selves PRAY the Lord will send you the warm feeling of his Love for YOU.

How I live my faith

By following all of the commandments of God and sharing the true gospel. I choose to live a good life i want to help those around me and share my knowledge of the gosple of what i believe is to be True. everyone is a child of GOD and i want to be of good cheer and help serve my FATHER in heaven by incouraging and help those who need to be shown the way to true happiness. I have been a sunday school teacher for 18 yrs. of all ages. i have mostly enjoyed the young teens. this is an age that needs a lot love and attention from those who can inspire them by their love for our heavenly father.